As you watch the clouds drift by, the captain of the airship you booked passage on announces that you will soon arrive at your destination. Wondering what new things you might uncover, your mind drifts off to think about all the stories you were told about this magnificent town in the sky.

A long time ago these people lived on a planet far away between the stars where their civilization grew and prospered. Curious as to what might lie behind the horizon of their star system they started to explore the vast beyond to discover new knowledge, new cultures and new people. Being adept in the arcane arts of magic as well as masters of advanced technology, they combined this wisdom into fantastical floating islands on which they could transport whole cities between worlds.

It is said the trees they brought from their home world are supposed to be almost pure white, with strange colourful leaves and crystalline vines growing from the crowns. You have heard that the people of Gryphon’s Keep can harness the energy of an ancient power well to charge the crystals they use to power the fantastical machines they create. Using the so-called Zephyr-rings, their huge islands float between the clouds and never touch or damage the places they visit.

Now, for the first time since they have arrived here the citizens of the City in the Sky welcome new visitors, neighbors and friends into their midst to begin sharing knowledge, and learning from your community’s greatest minds. You have received your invitation, but the responsibility lies to you to share information and goodwill with this great people.

As you see the first island drift into your view, you can’t wait to see what wonders it might hold in store for you….

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to our next staff town – Gryphon’s Keep! The incredible City in the Sky will be opening its doors to you on Saturday July 25th at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media and in-world – you may catch some special sneak peeks from those who have had the chance to visit this fair city.

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Bane · July 25, 2020 at 1:00 pm

Two hours!!!

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