Where to Ask Questions

Aug 25, 2016
Where to Ask Questions
  • Where to ask Questions

    Here are the various ways you can get in contact with staff if you need help resolving an issue.
    Please note: Do not contact staff on Discord for help.

    In Chat
    General questions regarding where to find things, how to craft things, what certain commands are, etc. can be asked in chat. Even if staff are busy and cannot answer right away, most players are happy to help assist in any way they can.

    The Forums
    The forums are a great place to go to get advice or opinions from your fellow players. It's also the best place to find info about recent or upcoming Events and ask questions regarding rule changes, scheduled maintenance and the like by checking the Server News section.

    If you need to speak with a mod or admin, staff can be contacted via private message (or a "conversation") on the forums. Use the "Start a new conversation" link to send a PM.

    Social Media
    Nerdcrafteria also has a Tumblr and a Twitter where players can submit questions. Please note not to ask about punishments (such as bans or mutes) or grievances on these platforms; the process for contacting staff about those things is listed below.

    If you're having an issue in game, such as encountering griefing or theft or being bothered by another player, please submit a modreq!

    • Type /modreq followed by a short description of the problem.
    • You will be asked to confirm the modreq you're sending, so if you've made a mistake you can fix it before it's sent. Confirm your modreq with /modreq accept
    • A staff member will be with you as soon as possible to help resolve your issue.

    Bug Report
    If you come across a bug in game, such as a command not working properly, a way to duplicate items, a way to alter something you shouldn't be able to alter (such as something on another person's plot) or anything else you believe to be functioning incorrectly, we ask that you please fill out a bug report.

    If you come across a bug on our Main Server, please follow these steps:
    • Make sure you'd read the Read Me First thread regarding bug reports.
    • Check the Known Bug Issues thread, as the bug you are experiencing might be something we are already aware of, and there may be information there that would be helpful to you.
    • Fill out a Bug Report Form. This form can be found under the "Forms" tab at the top of the page, click the form titled "Main Server Bug Reports Form"

    If you come across a bug on our FTB Server, please follow these steps:
    • Make sure you've read the Read This First thread regarding FTB Bug reports.
    • Check for the Known Conflicts thread for the current season, where known bugs will be listed.
    • Fill out a FTB Bug Report Form. This form can be found under the "Form" tabs at the top of the page, click the form title "FTB Server Bug Reports Form"

    When making a bug report it is very important you give as much information as possible regarding exactly what happened when the bug occurred.
    Ban Appeal
    If you find you have been warned, muted, banned, or otherwise punished on the server for breaking a rule and you wish you appeal this punishment you may fill out a Punishment Appeal form.

    When filling out the form it's important you be as clear as possible about what happened. Though you may feel upset or frustrated, please remember we are volunteers trying to do our best to make sure this server runs smoothly, so we ask you to please make sure your appeal is polite and well thought out. If you are appealing a ban please include the exact reason for your ban that shows up when you attempt to connect to the server.

    To appeal, please follow these steps:
    • Make Sure you've read the Read Me To Appeal thread in the punishment appeals section of the forums.
    • Fill out a Punishment Appeal Form. This form can be found under the "Forms" tab at the top of the page, click the form titled "Punishment Appeal Form"


    If you have a grievance with a rule or how something was handled, please file a grievance:

    When making a grievance, please make sure your post is well thought out and polite. Be specific about the details of the incident, how/why you are unhappy and finally what you would like to be done to resolve the issue.

    Shortcut Link: http://dftba.us/questions

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