VIP World

Jun 7, 2017
VIP World
  • VIP World

    A World for Lifetime VIP's to build and explore as they see fit.

    What is it?

    Please note: VIP World is no longer hosted on the server. More information on this can be found here.

    VIP World is a special world made specifically for Lifetime VIP's! It can be accessed with the command /server VIP.

    VIP World is a creative mode world with unique, natural terrain and a large variety of biomes (including the coveted Mushroom Island biome!). It is perfect for long term and large scale builds as it is not subject to reclaims, is not hindered by one's ability to obtain resources, and is not limited to specific plot dimensions. There is no protection past the spawn area so VIP's may build anywhere as they'd like, and the lack of plots and regions means collaborating with your fellow VIP's is easily done!

    General server guidelines apply to VIP World: do not grief and avoid building in areas where another player is building without that player's permission.

    Players without Lifetime VIP may visit VIP world and explore, but they cannot build. Occasionally Events, such as Staff Auctions, may be held in VIP World for everyone to enjoy!

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