Submitting to the Wiki

Mar 25, 2018
Submitting to the Wiki
  • How To Submit to The Wiki
    Player Submissions are WELCOME
    WikiEditing Team: Stormy, LadyAustin, Luvian, Nydescynt, Squiggle & verykirsten
    Shortucut Link:

    If you feel a page is outdated, is missing, needs more information, or has errors in it, you are more than welcome to submit a re-write, a draft, or an edit to us for review and possible inclusion in the wiki.
    While we work hard to keep it updated and full of relevant content, it's an unfortunate fact that the moderators are often too caught up in actually moderating to contribute content and we rely on our player community to fill in where we can't. That means YOU!

    What we DO need:
    -Full, complete, written articles that are fairly well-written (we can always edit them as needed, so don't think you can't submit because of that!) with accurate information.
    - Screenshots and/or images are a plus.
    - Suggestions for edits or re-writes, WITH included edits and re-writes.​

    What is Less Than Helpful:
    - "You should create a page about _______" Yes, we probably should. You should write it for us!
    - "Why isn't such and such included?" Probably because no one has submitted a page about it!
    - "This page is outdated." Yes, but have you submitted anything with the updated information?​

    How to Submit:
    The easiest way for us to accept content is for you to PM it to anyone on the Wiki Team (listed above), including links to images, uploaded via imgur or some other image hosting site. You don't need to worry about formatting, etc. We'll handle that for you. :)