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Jan 8, 2018
Staff Applications
  • Staff Applications

    After reviewing our applications page, we’ve decided to be more straightforward in outlining what we look for in new staff members. While the application itself and the Ask a Staff Member thread shed some light on this, there is still a lot of ambiguity and mystery surrounding the whole process. Well, we’re throwing open the curtains! If you’re interested in becoming a Nerdcrafteria Staff Member, please take the time out to read this whole page as all the information is essential for your understanding of what being a staff member entails and requires.

    Understanding Moderator Responsibilities
    You’re expected to represent the server and Nerdfighteria in all you do. Staff members are living embodiments of Not Forgetting to Be Awesome. If you have a short temper, get irritated at others easily, and have difficulties putting the needs of others before yourself, this position is likely not for you. Moderators must be calm in the face of adversity, think about and understand others complexly, be able to roll with the punches of stress and even unmerited personal attacks, be prepared to be yelled at for situations they have no control over, and they do all of this without the guarantee of a “thank you”.

    Personality matters. Staff members also need to be able to mesh with the existing staff family. If there are issues with a prospective candidate and a staff member that would make it difficult for them to work with each, or even cause a large rift in the staff, then it would be very difficult to bring them into the fold. Furthermore, having the [Moderator] tag next to your name means responsibility, not power or popularity. If you want to be staff for those reasons, you will not be a good fit.

    You are no longer a player. Our top priorities are to ensure that our players have a safe, enjoyable, and inviting space to play in, and to uphold the Code of Conduct. Do you know how you will react if you discover that your friend is breaking some rules? What about if they ask you use a staff power for them? Will you be able to keep staff information and affairs confidential from your server friends? Can you separate your personal feelings on an issue and make a decision that would be beneficial to the server as a whole, perhaps one that will even negatively impact you? There are tradeoffs for becoming a staff member. Know if you can make them.

    Be Active and Knowledgeable
    Being a staff member requires you spend time, ideally, each day doing server related duties. If you can only commit a few hours on a Saturday to this position due to school, work, other social obligations, etc. this position might not be for you. A good way to understand the scope of the responsibilities is to treat being staff as a part-time job, so time management skills are absolutely essential. It also requires that you keep up and stay updated on the happenings within staff. If you can only check the forums or chats once a week, you will start to quickly fall behind. Being a moderator is a long term commitment. Be sure you can stick to it.

    Be active in-game and on the forums. Activity plays a large role in who we pick for new staff. If we see someone who frequently plays and has been here for a while now, then that’s a good indication to us that they can likely meet the activity requirements for staff. If we have someone who we only see maybe once a month, maybe they tend to only log in during server Events, or they have a lot of previous and extensive AFKs filed, then that’s an indicator to us that they might not be very active as a staff member. Being active on the forums (commenting on server news, surveys, submitting bug reports, etc.) is also a great indicator to us that you’ve become involved in the community and like spending a lot of your time here. It’s also a very concrete way for us to look back and see your contributions to the server and its community.

    Have a comprehensive understanding of our server rules and community. Nerdcrafteria is pretty unique in the world of Minecraft servers. Thus we encourage anyone interested in becoming staff to spend some time getting to know the community that you hope to serve. Even if you have previous staff experience on another server, it’s quite unlikely that we have the exact same policy and rules as they do. It also follows that you should have a deep understanding of Minecraft as well since you will be called upon to answers questions from the playerbase quite often.

    Submitting Your Application
    Be sure that now is the ideal time that you apply. If you have some job interviews soon, or school is starting up again in a few weeks, then it might be better for you to wait and see how your schedule plays out before you put in an application. We want to avoid the situation of hiring someone new but them being too busy now to start their training. Additionally, have an idea of how much of a long term commitment you can make to being staff. If you’ll only be available for a few months, then being a moderator might not be practical right now.

    Understand that the application just gives us more information about you. It is often just a formal indication to us that you are interested in being staff. Your actions and behaviors before (and after!) you submit an application definitely play a role into whether we think you’re a good fit so don’t think the contents of your application will be everything we judge you on.

    Be honest. You’re not going to pull a fast one on us. If you lie about something in your application, we will eventually find out and we will not be pleased. Honesty is absolutely essential for being a staff member. Don’t start your staff career off by lying.

    Give concrete examples when you can. If you say you have prior moderating experience, what does that mean exactly? Being an admin on a friend’s local server is very different than being an admin on a large multiplayer server. What were your responsibilities and duties? If you say you have excellent time management skills, elaborate! How did you keep yourself organized? Did you manage to do execute all your commitments to a high degree? Try not to simply state things about yourself (e.g. “I am very helpful”).

    Proofread. Treat the application as you would a job application. Take the time to make sure it’s as good as it’s ever going to get. Don’t use colloquial language. Be sure that you’re using correct grammar. Use punctuation and use it appropriately. This is an excellent opportunity to show us your professionalism.

    A Couple of Notes:

    You'll always be able to send in applications, but they won't always be officially open - during those times, you will receive no response. However, we will send out the occasional flare for a fresh crop of applications if we're looking for them.

    And one final note - anyone, regardless of prior offense or offenses, may apply for staff. There is no limit - gender, orientation, punishment/banning history (assuming you're not permanently banned. You obviously have to have server access.), amount of time spent on the server - nothing will bar you from being able to apply for staff. Note: Applicants for staff must be at least 13 years of age.

    AN IMPORTANT NOTE: While the application is a good start to indicate you’re interested, please be aware we are constantly on the lookout for potential staff. We keep an eye out for those who are quietly helpful, sincerely community driven, ask thoughtful questions, listen to others, and those who set an example not through words, but actions in all that they do.

    Official Nerdcrafteria Staff Application

    Minimum Requirements

    • The capability to be mature, professional and keep calm in the face of conflict and confrontation
    • A regular, reasonable time commitment on a weekly basis to moderating the server, and the other duties of the position, both on and off the server.
    • A Discord account and an email that can be used for regular staff contact. 90% of staff communication is handled via Discord or the forums.
    • Applicants for staff must be at least 13 years of age.

    Application Questions

    1. What is your name, age, your Minecraft username, and your timezone (use GMT comparisons, please)?
    2. What are your current real life goals and plans? No need to be specific, just explain what's happening in life right now. Are you in school? Do you get involved with any organizations or projects? How busy are you?
    3. What is your past moderator experience on other servers, if any? Describe in as much detail as you can. Previous experience is not necessary.
    4. What plugin experience do you have, if any? Describe in as much detail as you can.
    5. What do you expect to contribute to Nerdcrafteria as a staff member that you would be unable to as a normal player?
    6. What is your end goal on the server? Where do you see yourself ending up - Moderator? Admin? Senior Admin? What is it that you think you would be best suited for?
    7. How do you think you would interact with the current staff members? Do you foresee any issues cropping up at all, with anyone? It's very important that you answer this question honestly.
    8. How do you think you'll interact with situations of high stress? Can you explain a past incident where you've been subjected to such a thing, and how you reacted? It's likewise important to be brutally honest here - being a staff member is a high-stress 24/7 situation. We need to know how you can handle it.

    Filing Procedure

    Please email all applications to [email protected] for processing.

    If we are interested in your application but unfamiliar with you as a player, there may be an interview via Discord scheduled for the candidate to be talked to in person by an administrator. If the interview goes well, a normal staff vote will be held on them, and they'll be either approved and hired or rejected and told no.

    Please remember to submit a staff application just once.

    A common question we get is: How come I’ve never heard back on the status on my application?

    This answer to this is a little complex. If you didn’t hear back from us after you submitted your application, it’s very likely that we didn’t think you were a good choice presently. We’re not too keen on sending out rejection letters because we like to hold on to applications and frequently revisit them and reevaluate the applicant’s character and potential as a staff member. If down the road an applicant starts to show better promise, we can take the steps to hire them then. Not hearing back from us doesn’t mean that you’ve been outright rejected. It means we’re still watching you and seeing if you become a good fit.

    IMPORTANT: Resubmitting a repeat application, inquiring about the status of the application, and submitting the application in the wrong format are all grounds for immediate dismissal of your application.


    Do not include attachments of any kind - no .pdfs, no .docx's, nothing like that. Submitting your application in one of these formats will be grounds for an automatic rejection.

    You can choose to leave out the actual questions if you want, but make sure to order the answers, and number them properly according to which question they answer.

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