Sep 21, 2017
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    A guide to the shop plugin on the server.

    What is Signshop?
    Signshop is the plugin we use for our shops! It’s a plugin that is very easy to use.You have some items you’d like to put up for sale? All you need is a chest, a sign, a piece of redstone dust and the items you’d like to sell!

    How to Buy from a Signshop
    Simply right click! It will let you either [buy], [sell], [trade], or more depending on the type of sign.

    If you have any questions about what exactly is for sale at a shop, or if the description lines are unclear, left clicking the shop sign will inform you what is being sold.

    How to Set Up Your Signshop
    Step 1: Place chest.
    Step 2: Place the number of items or different types of items you want to sell in chest. For instance, if you want to sell diamonds 6 at a time, place 6 diamonds in the chest, or if you want to sell a starting iron armor kit, place one of each piece of armor in the chest.
    Step 3: Place sign. The sign does not need to be on the chest, but should be near it.
    Step 4: Sign should read as below. If you want to sell an item to players, use buy. If you want the players to sell to you, use sell. The second and third lines are for a description of the item. Colors, like &9, can be added to the description for extra fanciness. The final line is the price in llamas and crias (meaning decimals can be added if you'd like).


    Step 5: Holding the redstone, punch the chest.
    Step 6: Holding the redstone, punch the sign.

    Once you have your shop all set up, feel free to fill your shop’s chest up. It will buy or sell the amount of items you first put in the chest. The chest holding your items will automatically be locked and protected, so you don’t need to worry about griefing.

    Tips & Tricks
    Multiple Signshops can be linked together -
    With Signshop, you can add multiple signshops to a single chest. For example, if you'd like to create [buy] and [sell] shops for a single item, you can punch with redstone to link a single or double chest to both signs, allowing your supply to be refilled as other players buy from you.

    This also works for multiple Signshops of different types of items too! It follows the same process, using redstone as a link, but make sure to be careful in linking only the type of item(s) you want to sell or buy for each sign. Taking your items from the chest and continually replacing them as you create new Signshops is the easiest way to do this. With this feature it is possible for you to store shops for both lapis and lapis blocks, 4 [buy] and [sell] signs total, in a single chest. Pretty cool, right?

    How close should shop chests and signs be? -
    The limit is approximately 25 blocks in any direction. This can be useful if you'd like to design a shop and hide the shop chests beneath. Note: this does not work between worlds.

    How to fix a sold out Signshop -
    If your shop is sold out, you will notice the [buy] shop will show in red on the top line of the sign. After you've refilled the shop chest, if [buy] is still in red, you can update the shop sign by punching it with a piece of redstone, and it should be nice and blue once again.

    Removing your Signshop -
    Removing the sign will allow you to break your shop sign and chest. If that doesn't work then use a golden axe.

    How to edit a Signshop -
    First, place a sign near your shop sign with the edits you’d like to make. Each line corresponds to the matching line on your shop sign. So, for example if you’d like to change the price, make sure to match the sign format and type the new price on the fourth line of the sign.

    Then, using an ink sac, punch both signs to transfer any edits from the edit sign to your shop. You can do this as many times you need. It also works for editing descriptions, adding colors, and changing the type of shop sign (from [buy] to [sell], etc). Note, when switching between shop types, the new shop type should be the only edit on the sign, or else it will not transfer. Descriptions or prices need to be added separately.

    Other Types of Signshops
    [share] - Shares profits, write usernames of the people you're sharing with on second and third lines. The fourth line is for % money shared per person, seperate the percents with a /. To share profit equally with another player, type 50 for 50%; to share equally with two other players, use 33/33. All remaining money goes to the owner. Punch any active shop sign you own with redstone to set this up. Sharing profits does not give other players access to protected shop chests you own, so plan carefully with friends in setting up who will have access to which shops.
    [trade] - Barters one item for another. Punch the chest of the item you want to receive, then the chest of the stuff you want to give away.
    [dispose] - With a right click, it will safely destroy the item in your hand.

    You Can Write A
    Description Here

    [jukebox] - Allows you to create a functional jukebox with a chest! For a price, it will play the next music disc in a chest.You will need to punch the chest and the jukebox with redstone in order to have your jukebox function.
    [device] - Turns a lever on for a short period of time.
    [toggle ] - (no space) Toggles a lever on/off.
    [deviceon] - Turns a lever on.
    [deviceoff] - Turns a lever off.

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