Redstone Guide

Aug 25, 2016
Redstone Guide
  • Redstone Guide

    Redstone, the little red dust that can do so much.

    The following is a list of guidelines, not rules. Please ask a staff member before building complex redstone machines if you are unsure.

    Lag Prevention
    Do NOT create machines which run automatically, without direct input. All redstone machines with moving parts must have a default off position. Mechanisms with hoppers must be set up to stop moving items should something fail.

    Some areas of Nerdcrafteria are worse than others for lag issues, so what may be acceptable in one area could be disallowed in another. When building a machine, please use F3 to check your frame rate and make sure you aren't causing a bad drop. Your machine will be shut off by staff if your machine is causing problems, and you will be told to either take it down or fix it. Again, ask if you aren't sure.

    There are two main causes of lag due to redstone:

    Updates Per Second - The more updates that occur per second, the more lag can happen. Hoppers, dispensers, and even excessive wiring can cause problems, although pistons are the most notorious for this. Rapid clocks are also problematic, but the definition of "rapid" depends on how complex the rest of the machine is.

    This clock runs continuously and has way too short of a delay. It is not permitted even if used alone.

    How to fix this - Try to keep as much of your system unpowered and inactive as possible when not in use.
    This clock, by default, is off. It will only run when you are standing on the pressure plate.
    Light Updates - Since the days of Alpha, Minecraft has had an uneasy relationship with lighting systems. Blinking lights from anything, including redstone components such as redstone dust, require a huge amount of resources, and can kill frame rates in the surrounding area.

    This system is completely disallowed due to the amount of blinking parts involved.

    How to fix this - Have the areas around your system well lit if it has a fair amount of blinking parts. When the machine is not in use, no blinking parts should be left to run. If your system is slow cycling, however, it is completely allowed, and an off switch isn't required.
    The following system is allowed due to it being slow cycling.
    Generators and Farms
    Generators, such as cobblestone generators, with or without redstone, are not allowed on the server under any circumstances, with the exception of the Survival and Skyblock servers. Generators that use glitches for the creation of materials are strictly banned across all servers. If the machine generates a block that would not be a natural output of it, it's probably not allowed.

    Mob Farms of any kind, whether of the passive or hostile type, are also not allowed on the server, other than the Survival and Skyblock servers. Regardless of purpose, whether it be spawning, collecting, killing, or drop collection, they are disallowed under all circumstances.

    Finally, item farms, such as automatic fish farms, are allowed as long as some player input is involved. A macro cannot be used to automatically run the farm with a player input.
    See Rule #5 of the Code of Conduct for more information regarding mob farms, block generators, and other redstone contraptions.

    The rule of thumb for automation is that any machine has to require player input in some way. It cannot use a BUD switch to automatically detect updates and set off a piston. BUD switches are allowed when used to trigger a light when something grows, but not to operate the machine.
    This doesn't mean piston harvesters aren't allowed; they are only allowed at a basic level, meaning no clocks or detectors can operate the harvester, player input must be involved in some way.
    This farm is an example of an allowed piston harvester.

    There are also guidelines governing farm sizes. Read the Code of Conduct for more information regarding these guidelines.

    There are also specific guidelines for automatic potion brewers, furnaces, and sorters:

    Automatic Potion Brewers - Even if button operated, automated potion brewing systems are not allowed. Feeders into brewing stands are allowed, but you must remove the finished product yourself. You may not have hoppers moving outputs of one stand into the feeder of another.
    The following four operations can be automated with brewing stands. You cannot automate all of or a combination of 2 or more of the following operations:

    • Feeding in ingredients to brew the potion
    • Feeding in water bottles or base potions
    • Feeding in blaze powder
    • Removing the finished potion
    Automatic Furnace Arrays/Smelting Machines - As with brewing, automated furnace arrays are not allowed. You cannot make one furnace array to make charcoal and use hoppers to transfer the charcoal into another furnace array.
    The following three operations can be automated with smelting machines. You cannot automate all of or a combination of 2 or more of the following operations:

    • Feeding in items for smelting
    • Feeding in fuel
    • Removing the smelted item
    Automatic sorters - Automatic sorters are generally allowed in moderation. A handful of sorters, such as one to separate cobble from everything else after a mining trip is fine, but sorters for every single item is excessive. We have a very nice plugin for the sorting of items on our server, called MondoChest. We encourage the use of the plugin over the building of automated sorting systems. A tutorial for how to set up this plugin can be found at ./warp FAQ.
    Redstone, if used excessively, can cause lag. Fully automated machines should be built with a default off position, with the exception of slow cycling machines. Generators are disallowed from all servers other than Skyblock and Survival, unless they use glitches to produce items, in which case they are banned across all servers. Automatic machines must have some sort of player input involved; pistons cannot be used to operate the machine fully. Automatic brewers, furnaces, and sorters have their own regulations.

    This doesn't mean you can't do anything with redstone. Redstone has thousands upon thousands of applications. From fancy doors on your builds, awesome puzzle rooms, secret storage areas, and firework launchers, to dispensers which let you walk through a hall and have all your mining/battling gear dropped onto you Iron Man style, self filling hot tubs, and controllable enchanting rooms, the possibilities are endless. These restrictions are really quite minor; the vast majority of redstone builds are perfectly fine!

    To reiterate, if you are ever unsure about whether a redstone contraption is legal or not, ask a staff member for clarification. If you find a cool redstone build on the internet that you want to build on the server, but aren't sure if it's legal or not, ask a staff member. The guidelines exist to prevent excess stress on the server, which can cause major problems for other players, especially during peak times. They also exist to protect the server Economy, which is fragile by its very nature. It's better to ask first than regret later, so ask a staff member.

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