Oct 22, 2018

    There are 3 player ranks on the server: Guest, Nerd, and VIP. In addition, there are 4 staff ranks: Jr. Moderator, Moderator, Admin and Senior Admin.


    All new users to the server start as a guest. They will spawn in an area that prevents any kind of talking, but does not prevent chat commands. After a series of signs which explain what the server is about and the rules they should follow, the user interacts with a sign that promotes them past this stage. After they promote themselves, they are sent to the Hub, and they can go to another server from there. Guests' chat can't be seen from other worlds, however, so if you are stuck as a guest you should go to a populated server to get help.


    The bread and butter of the server! All guest get promoted to Nerdfighters. This is the most common rank of our player base. They can go mining and buy plots on the Economy server, build in Creative, play Skyblock and much more! There are tons of activities all over the server for Nerdfighters, with many of them started by other Nerdfighters.


    These users are Very Important for one big reason: They didn't forget to be awesome! Any Nerdfighter can make a donation to charity to help decrease World Suck and get upgraded to VIP. In game, type in "/buy" to see the options. A donation of $10 US dollars will grant VIP for one month (30 days starting from the day you bought it). A donation of $100 US dollars will grant lifetime VIP. There are many perks of VIP which can all be found here : Buycraft / Donation Perks .

    Jr. Moderator

    Junior Moderators are newly hired Moderators. At this stage, they are most likely learning new commands and are still trying to get used to all the fancy new things they have access to! They may be slow at first, but they're on the fast track to being the best Mods they can be. They also appreciate any and all patience they receive from players.


    Moderators are the go-to people when users have issues. They have numerous power, but mainly they're there to help out players. Moderators are friendly and knowledgeable about the game and server. If you ever need to contact one when none are online, use the "/modreq" command! Type in what you need after the command and the moderators will handle it when they get online. Don't forget to do /modreq accept afterwards! Keep in mind there is limited typing space, so keep it simple!


    Admins are basically more powerful Moderators. They can do everything a moderator can and more, and they train Jr. Moderators. Admins can restart the server in case of issues, and do a lot of behind the scenes work on the server, like upgrading the server and fixing Plugins. Admins can see a lot of what happens in the server, and can help anyone!

    Senior Admin

    Senior Admins are Admins, but with roles.
    Here are all the Senior Admins and their roles:

    JenTheGeek - In charge of technical affairs
    LordStormy - In charge of staff & player affairs
    LadyAustin - In charge of communication and promotion

    Shortcut Link: http://dftba.us/ranks
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