Aug 25, 2016
  • Pwnfilter

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    Pwnfilter is one of the plugins the server uses to keep things PG-13. Like most servers, your typical inappropriate words will be filtered out. There are some words, such as "lag", that are included to show there is a filter in place. Catching fire is a possible side effect to saying certain censored words.

    Remember not to avoid the filter. This includes deliberate misspellings, spacing the word out, or using alternate characters to spell the word. Avoiding the filter can get you muted, or ultimately, banned. It is in place for a reason. If you find something that you believe to be filtered by mistake please fill out a bug report. Just remember that slang, misspelled words, or typos will not be added to the exception list. The filter deliberately cuts out odd spellings or spacing on swearing and inappropriate words, so be sure to include your exact wording/spacing in any bug reports filed.

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