Postal Service

Nov 9, 2017
Postal Service
  • PostalService
    A fun new way to give and receive mail!
    Note: PostalService is not working as of our update to 1.12.X.

    PostalService is a plugin that allows users to send and receive mail through a GUI accessible through either a chest or a command.
    It also allows for you to send payments of llamas, or even XP!

    You can even set the timezone of the mail box to match your own, and with the commands and a maximum of up to 5 post boxes allowed per person, you'll no longer have to keep warping to the same spot every time you want to check your mail.

    If you create a mailbox in mineworld/nether/end, and don't destroy it before reset, it will forever remain listed in your account, haunting you forever.

    How do i access my mail?
    To access your mail you can either open a mailbox, or type /mail, and then left click on the inbox (chest) icon.
    Mousing over the icons will then show you how to claim each item of mail.

    How do i create a mailbox?
    First, place a single chest where you would like your mailbox to be.
    Then type /mailbox set, and left click on the chest.

    How do i send mail?
    • Open your mailbox (by opening the physical mailbox chest or by typing /mail)

    • Then, left click the "compose" (book & quill) icon.

      (Note: if you're sending items you'll want to right click it first, insert your items, and then left click the icon.)

    • Next, click on one of the options that appear in chat. This will give you a blank template of the command you'll need.

    • Once you have the command template all you need to do is fill in the blanks (to, message, amount, etc.) and enter it.

    Other Useful Commands

    /mail timezone {timecode} - this will allow you to change the timezone on your mailbox to whatever you wish it to be. Just replace the {timezone} part with a GMT formated timezone (e.g. GMT-5)

    /mailbox remove - entering this and clicking on your mailbox will allow you to deactivate it, turning it back into a regular chest. (Warning: doing /mailbox removeall will remove ALL your mailboxes)

    /mail help - brings up the help menu.​

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