Player Organizations

Jun 8, 2017
Player Organizations
  • Player Organizations

    Nerdcrafteria has many player organizations that help to make the server more awesome.

    Marginalized Orientations Gender Alignments and Intersex(MOGAI)
    A group that advocates for the inclusion and education of various sexual and romantic orientations as well as gender identities and expressions. Contact LordStormy if you wish to join!

    Merchant Federation
    An organization that builds a marketplace close to spawn after every Mineworld reset. This marketplace is where shops can be set up in an organized manor so customers can find the items they want. It's also protected from creeper damage, which is particularly dangerous to shops. They can be found at /warp market. Contact Melkain if you wish to join!

    The server's in-game newspaper! Reporting everything from financial trends to staff interviews to assorted silly stuff. Published every Saturday. They can be found at /warp nerdstand. Contact Melkain if you wish to join!

    Rainbow Sheep Alliance(RSA)

    The RSA works to help the community of Nerdcrafteria whenever and however they can, including but not limited to farm-related resources and fun Events. They can be found at /warp rsaranch, /warp warplist, /warp blacksmith, and /warp rsa. Contact PurpleDanser if you wish to join!
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