Aug 25, 2016
  • Particles and More

    A box o' goodies for you to play with in Hub!

    Toys for Hub
    ***Coming Soon....***

    Particles, gadgets, costumes, oh my! All sorts of playthings will be available for players to play around with in Hub. Simply right click with the Cosmetics Ender Chest in your hot bar and you'll bring up the menu.


    Stuff you can get
    Gadgets - Gadgets are fun items you can use in Hub, from a disco ball to a gun that shoots bats to an anti-gravity device. These gizmos will make you the life of the Hub party!
    Pets - Your very own fuzzy friend to faithfully follow you around Hub. Or... floating pumpkin friend? Wither friend?! Caution: Not all pets may be fuzzy or conventional.
    Mounts - A fiery steed from the pits of Hades, a rainbow nyan sheep, or a slithering serpent. Whatever your choice, these cool mounts will let you travel in style.
    Hats - Express yourself with emoji heads, or become one with your favourite Minecraft Mob by putting on a fancy hat! With these delightful player heads, one size fits all!
    Suits - These various fancy costumes have got you covered for any event, whether you're planning on attending a rave party or a space launch!
    Particles - Wreath yourself in flames, or draw ancient magical runes in the air around you, or get your groove on with musical notes. Whatever your preference, these cool particles will show everyone around you just how cool you are.

    • /uc menu - Can specify Main, gadgets, particle effects, pets, mounts, suits, or hats. Brings up the interface for the specified category, brings up the main menu if no category is specified.
    • /uc clear - Hang up your hat or send your mount home. Clears whatever you're currently using.
    • /uc gadgets
    • /uc selfview
    • /uc give
    • /uc toggle
    • /uc treasure
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