Non-Staff Streaming/Video

Mar 29, 2017
Non-Staff Streaming/Video


    Our Official Policy is as follows for anyone who would like to stream/record on our server:

    Monetization - No monetization is allowed, period, under any circumstances.
    Exaggerated claims - No exaggerated claims; I.E. pretending to be a staff member or server owner.
    The Code of Conduct - All of the Code of Conduct must be followed at all times, in both chat and commentary of the stream.
    Advertising - You can't advertise the link on the server itself or any of its Social Media (tumblr, forums, twitter, etc.) without prior permission from a senior admin.
    Permission - At this time, you should notify verykirsten to get permission for streaming (or another Senior Admin if she is unavailable). If a player wishes to advertise while streaming, they must ask for permission more than 24 hours in advance.​


    Any videos that you have pre-recorded that are Nerdcrafteria-specific, such as Let's Plays, Server Tours, or Reviews, must follow the same rules as streaming videos, and can be linked and advertised on the server.

    When - Anyone can record at pretty much any time, though for courtesy's sake they should announce in game that they're recording for YouTube.
    Youtube information - Sharing their YouTube information with staff isn't required, but it is much appreciated.
    Showing chat - There are no specific rules regarding showing chat, but if a player feels uncomfortable with it they can contact staff.​

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