Aug 29, 2017
  • Nicky

    Nicky allows players to change the text and colors of the name that appears in chat when they speak.

    How to change your nickname
    Players can obtain the ability to change their nickname and/or colors by donating to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck via Buycraft. The ability to change your nickname costs $10.00. Once you donate you will be able to alter your name whenever you please, so go get your bling on~!

    Keep your name appropriate - Chat rules apply to nicknames, the name must be PG and cannot contain any inflammatory or offensive references.
    No impersonation - Your nickname cannot be used to impersonate another player, staff member, or celebrity. Also it cannot be Herobrine. He doesn't like that.
    Do not mimic donor perks - Your nickname cannot be used to fake a Vanity Tag, VIP/Server Donor Ranks, or Staff Ranks.
    Don't rapidly change nicknames - Repeatedly changing one's nickname in a short span of time (eg: every couple of messages) can make conversations confusing. You're welcome to change your nickname often, and making minor switches while you're testing out colour combinations or tweaking your nickname to your liking is fine, but please be courteous and keep the thread of conversation clear.
    Character Limit - There is a character limit to nicknames. Color codes do count as additional characters, so be careful when using multiple colors. If your nickname is too long, it may be cut off.​

    Abuse of the nickname function can result in your nicky privileges being revoked without refund. Please, DTFBA.

    Nicky Commands

    /nick {nickname} will apply a nickname.
    /delnick {username} will delete your nickname, resetting the name that displays in chat back to your actual Minecraft username.
    /realname {search} will search for nicknames containing the specified search term and show the real Minecraft username of the person who owns each listed nickname.
    /nicky help displays a list of nicky commands.

    A list of all possible colors and their associated codes can be found on the Minecraft Wiki. You may use any color you'd like, though keep in mind that black, dark grey, and dark blue don't show up well in chat. Formatting codes other than colors, such as bold and italic text, are not available for players to use.

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