May 31, 2017

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    What is MyWarp?
    MyWarp is the plugin we use for making warps, and anyone can make a warp provided they have 10000 credits or 15000 llamas. Any modification to a warp, such as a location change, costs 500 llamas.

    Overview of commands:
    /warp <name> or /warp to <name>

    Teleports the player to a warp.​
    /warp create <name> or /warp set <name>

    Creates a new warp.​
    /warp pcreate <name> or /warp pset <name>

    Creates a new private warp.​
    /warp delete <name> or /warp remove <name>

    Deletes a warp.​
    /warp give <player> <name>

    Gives a warp to another player.​
    /warp private <player> <name>

    Makes a warp private. Costs 500 llamas.
    /warp public <name>

    Makes a warp public. Costs 500 llamas.
    /warp invite <name> <player>

    Invites a player to a private warp.​
    /warp uninvite <name>

    Uninvites a player from a private warp.​
    /warp update <name>

    Updates a warp's location to the player's current location. Costs 500 llamas.
    /warp welcome <name>

    Changes the welcome message of a warp. Costs 500 llamas.
    /warp help [number]

    Displays the list of commands​
    /warp point <name>

    Points your compass towards a warp.​
    /warp info <name> or /warp stats <name>

    Displays information about a warp.​
    /warp list [number], [-c <player>], [-n <name>], [-r <number>], [-w <name>]

    Lists warps.​
    /warp assets [player] or /warp limis [player]

    Shows all warps owned by a player.​

    Some details about individual commands:
    1 - About /warp list:

    -c [owner_name]

    This list tells you every warp owned by a player with owner_name in their name. For example, /warp list -c Nerd will include warps owned by Nerdcrafteria and any players whose name include the word Nerd.​
    /warp list -n [warp_name]

    This list tells you every warp whose name includes the text in warp_name. For example, /warp list -n so will include the warps so, sotown, and solara.
    /warp list -r [distance]

    This list tells you every warp within [distance] blocks of you. This is useful for figuring our a warp close to your plot or build.​

    Also note, you can combine these arguments to perform a more refined search (/warp list -n Nerdcrafteria -r 250 would return all warps owned by Nerdcrafteria within 250 blocks of your current position).

    2 - For /warp give <name> <player>, the player has to accept the warp before it is transferred.

    3 - If you do /warp point <name> and you want to set it back to spawn, you can do /warp point by itself.

    4 -It's advised to have your warp welcome message copied before doing the command, as you only have 30 seconds to write it in chat.​

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