Jul 25, 2017

    An alternative to wacky Redstone sorting machines.
    Get plugged into your resources.

    MondoChest is a plugin that uses signs capable of detecting the contents of nearby chests, combined with a few simple operations, to help provide you a method of simplifying and condensing your sorting setup so that you don't have to use hoppers and redstone to manage everything.

    You drop everything you want to sort into a "Master" chest and setup a set of "slave" chests is where the items will sort. Items will be sorted once you right click the master chest sign.

    MondoChest will see what's in each chest, and then decides where things get 'shelved' based on what's already in the slave chests. For example, one slave box has rails and powered rails in it and another has wood planks and logs in it. If you dump wood and stone into the master chest, the wood will be moved into the slave chest where there is already wood and the stone will stay in the master chest (neither slave chest has stone in it to match up).


    1. Place a chest where you intend to put your unsorted items. We suggest a double chest. This is your Master Chest.

    2. Place a sign near your Master Chest and type [MondoChest] on the first line. The remaining lines can be blank or you can fill them out if you want. This sign must be within 2 blocks by straight line to your Master Chest (N, S, E, W, Up, or Down).
    You may have up to 2 Master Chests.
    3. Place more chests no more than 200 blocks away in any direction. These will be your Slave Chests. Place a sign each group of chests using the same rules as the placement for the Master Chests and put the test [MondoSlave] on the first line.

    You may have up to 20 Slave Chests.
    One [MondoSlave] sign will support as many chests as you can place within 2 blocks in all straight directions of the sign.
    4. Pre-sort at least one of each item that will be sorted into each Slave Chest. It is suggested that you place items in such a configuration that suits you sorting-wise ahead of time.

    5. Right-click the Master Chest sign (the one that says [MondoChest]) and allow it to detect your Master Chest. Then, right click each of the Slave Chest signs to make them detect all of your Slave Chests.​
    /mondochest find [item]

    A very useful command to find specific items in your chest. It only works inside your chest bubble (200 around the master), but also opens the chest for you to access manually. So you can move stuff between your Slave Chest and inventory without opening each individual chest.

    If an item does not have a sorting outline shown in step 4, items will be left in the Master Chest.

    Slave Chests can be a mix of both regular Chests and Trapped Chests. This makes it easier to make tighter groups of Slave Chests.

    Don't like seeing the signs in your pretty chest room? dig a hole under the chest, and hide the [MondoSlave] sign down there. Signs can also go behind chests in the wall.

    Multiple Master Chests can share the same Slave Chests. Do this by clicking one Master, then run around right-clicking all the Slaves to add them to the master. Repeat this for any other Masters. You can set up one Master Chest in your Slave Chest warehouse room, and another Master in a separate foyer room.

    The more Slaves you use and the farther away from the Master they are, the more lag your setup can cause. Sort responsibly and be considerate of your fellow players.

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