Meet the Staff

Apr 5, 2020 at 5:34 PM
Meet the Staff
  • Owner:
    • Hank Green: One half of the Vlogbrothers and host of this awesome server!

    Head Administrator:
    • PerfectFlaw: Captain of this ship, has strong opinions about hummus. Owner of an excellent cat named Zuko. ([email protected])

    Senior Administrators:
    • JenTheGeek [SA of Technical Affairs]:
    • LadyAustin [SA of Long-term Planning and Server Events]: A ball of worry that is usually surrounded by 10 cats. Co-Mayor of Thistledown. ([email protected])
    • LordStormy [SA of Staff and Player Affairs]: Often found in pillow forts on FTB surrounded by cats. 50% chance of yarn drop. Former Co-Mayor of Nerdtropolis and Green Hills, Leader of the Mining Guild. They/them or He/him pronouns. ([email protected])

    • riichard3: Have you ever seen that movie Easy A? He's basically that part where she sings "Pocket Full of Sunshine" all weekend. Co-Mayor of Solara. ([email protected])
    • BirdyNerd: Greyhound-snoot smooching, kitty cuddling, snek snuggling, ornithologically inclined collection of quirks. ([email protected])
    • Oranges13: Coder and casual gamer who enjoys farming more than mining. Co-leader of Farming Guild. Owned by two cats ([email protected])

    Senior Moderators:

    • Banesidhe: Lives in a Lurkhole. Lurks. Trademark saying: "BUMI GET DOWN RIGHT NOW!" Former Mayor of Thistledown.([email protected])

    • DamonAverette Coming Soon ([email protected])
    • ikilledrobot: Not actually a Robot. Plays with colors professionally. Occasionally found on Summoner's Rift. Instagrams her dog Zoey too much. ([email protected])
    • Palinalif:
    • Xieandra:

    Shortcut Link:
    Edited By: LordStormy

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