Meet the Staff

Jan 9, 2019
Meet the Staff
  • Owner:
    • Hank Green: One half of the Vlogbrothers and host of this awesome server!

    Head Administrator:
    • PerfectFlaw: Captain of this ship, has strong opinions about hummus. Owner of an excellent cat named Zuko. ([email protected])

    Senior Administrators:
    • dyaizon [SA of Technical Affairs]: Can often be found in his secret lair concocting new ways to trollmake the server run more efficiently. In his free time he once enjoyed frolicking in Green Hills with his pony friends. ([email protected])
    • JenTheGeek [SA of Technical Affairs]:
    • LadyAustin [SA of Long-term Planning and Server Events]: A ball of worry that is usually surrounded by 10 cats. Co-Mayor of Thistledown. ([email protected])
    • LordStormy [SA of Staff and Player Affairs]: Often found in pillow forts on FTB surrounded by cats. 50% chance of yarn drop. Former Co-Mayor of Nerdtropolis and Green Hills, Leader of the Mining Guild. They/them or He/him pronouns. ([email protected])

    • riichard3 [FTB Admin]: Have you ever seen that movie Easy A? He's basically that part where she sings "Pocket Full of Sunshine" all weekend. Co-Mayor of Solara. ([email protected])
    Senior Moderators:
    • Nydescynt: Player of the violin and reader of books. Also, she loves building and banners. Mod Mentor of Nouveau Batiment. ([email protected])
    • Aquabreeze: Opinionated fangirl, jack of many trades but mostly acting. Doesn't know what sleep is. ([email protected])
    • BirdyNerd: Greyhound-snoot smooching, kitty cuddling, snek snuggling, ornithologically inclined collection of quirks. ([email protected])
    • DamonAverette Coming Soon ([email protected])
    • ikilledrobot: Not actually a Robot. Plays with colors professionally. Occasionally found on Summoner's Rift. Instagrams her dog Zoey too much. ([email protected])
    • Oranges13:Coder and casual gamer who enjoys farming more than mining. Co-leader of Farming Guild. Owned by two cats ([email protected])
    • Palinalif:
    • Xieandra:

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    Edited By: LordStormy

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