Making Money

May 9, 2017
Making Money
  • Making Money in Nerdcrafteria

    Diamonds Are a Minecrafter's Best Friend

    How do I buy and sell things? What’s Signshop? How do I make money,
    and what limitations do I have?

    What is Signshop?

    Signshop is the plugin we use for our shops! A tutorial on how to use it can be found here (insert link here). It is the fundamental tool for buying and selling items. It is advantageous to be able to buy and sell without directly selling your product to someone, or tracking someone down who has the item you need. However, be warned: it is possible to have your account drained of money by a surplus of people selling to you. A suggestion to alleviate this issue is to fill most slots in any chest where you're purchasing from players with a random junk block, to prevent being sold too much stuff.

    Setting up shops is a great way to make money and gain materials to either use or resell at a higher price. These signshops can be set up in any world of the Economy server (ie /server Nerdcrafteria), including Main, Mine, the Nether, and the End. Note that all of those worlds but Main reset monthly, so make sure to pack up any shops you have in those worlds before the 1st of every month!

    Many times, players become frustrated that other people aren't using their shops. The best thing to do if you want more shoppers is to advertise! Mention your shop and how to get to it in chat (preferably keep it to about every half hour or less, to avoid spamming). It can also be useful to have a warp to your shop. Warps cost 15,000 llamas, and are generally worth every penny as they make navigation to your shop much easier. Also remember a short catchy warp can be a huge bonus; for instance, no one wants to type /warp supercalifragalisticexpialidocious every time they want to go buy some wool. A much better warp name would be /warp wool or /warp sweater (cute names can also be a plus).

    How do I make money?

    Nerdcrafteria is primarily a town/Economy server, meaning that the emphasis is on gathering resources to sell and build with. This means you will need to spend some time mining or killing mobs in the mining world to get money and items to sell in a main world shop. The server currency is llamas (like dollars) and crias (like cents). There are 100 crias in a llama. Llamas are used to purchase crafted items, plots, warps, and other in-game perks or supplies.

    You start out on the server with 50 llamas, and you can obtain a starter kit with some basic tools and supplies by typing /kit starter. You can get this kit only once a week, so make it count! At this point, your best course of action is to go to /mine and start gathering resources to sell. You can also build nether portals and seek out End portals to get to those worlds and collect rarer resources like endstone and quartz. The Economy server is essentially a free market run by the players, and prices can fluctuate according to supply/demand. Prices can change often and without notice, and as such players would be mindful to keep an eye on them to best determine what items would net the best profit.

    In addition, you can save up your XP and enchant diamond tools and then, in turn, sell those items to other players for additional money. Just as a note, common sense and courtesy dictates you sell the tools unused, or repaired to brand new via an anvil.

    It is also possible to build farms for both crops and animals, and collect those resources to sell or use. As per the CoC, these farms should not be automatic, or be particularly redstone-intensive/ lag-inducing. When not in use, animals should be kept to 12 per chunk. Failure to comply will unfortunately result in culling of the animals down to the proper limits, so please be mindful of how many critters you have!

    Of course, if you're the impatient sort with a bit of spare real-world money, you can always donate to the Foundation to Decrease World Suck and purchase a boon. Boons contain sets of various effects and/or commands that are gifted to players server-wide when the boon is purchased at Boons cost from $2-$7 USD and contain various perks such as increased mining speed, night vision, and even flight! The Avarice’s Boon is the most applicable here (although all can assist in earning a few extra llamas) because it raises the amount of money earned from killing mobs for 2 hours.

    Once you've saved up about 150-200 llamas, you have a few options. You can continue to mine and sell and save up for a plot as soon as you can, or if you find yourself wanting to find someplace safe to store your things, you can try to look for an apartment. Go to /warp apartments and take a look around! They'll be small, but plenty of room for a couple of chests, a crafting table and a furnace or two.

    Remember, you can build temporarily in mineworld, and even protect your chests (at the cost of 50 llamas per chest), but the world resets once a month on the 1st, and if you don't remember to get your items out before reset, your things will be lost and you won't be compensated. Also, keep in mind if you're setting your home in mineworld, when it resets, you'll find yourself displaced into the nether, usually in lava. Never fun.

    Once you've saved enough for a plot, you can start mining for building resources to make your perfect little home on the server. You can find more info on that in the FAQ about Buying and Selling Plots in Nerdcrafteria.

    What not to do

    There are several rules surrounding making money, specifically to avoid an imbalance within the Economy. These include:

    Personal Fundraising: Please do not solicit funds from other players so you can buy a new diamond pick or plot. Asking a friend privately if they’ll help you out is okay. Spamming main chat with requests for financial assistance is not.

    Overselling warps/plot flipping: Warps are only allowed to be as expensive as the original purchase price of the warp (ie 15,000 llamas). In a similar manner, players are not allowed to buy a plot, and then immediately turn around and put it up for sale at a higher price (unless significant improvements have been made, such as adding a nice house).

    Banking/Personal Loans: While it is not encouraged, players are allowed to make personal loans to each other. These are not in any way guaranteed by the staff, so loan at your own risk! All other forms of banking are prohibited, as the possibility of fraud and forgetting to be awesome is too high.

    Betting/Gambling: No. No iteration of betting or gambling is allowed, and both the player running the game and any players participating would be punished.

    Protected mobs and pets: It is against the rules to kill horses. Any group of animals which are fenced in/inside a house/named or are otherwise obviously someone’s pet are also protected, and you will get in trouble for killing them, so please be courteous to your fellow Nerdcrafters!

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