Aug 24, 2016
  • LWC Privacy Locks

    LWC is a plugin on our server that grants you the ability to protect certain types of items.
    Protecting an item prevents others from opening it or breaking the item.

    Items That Can Be Protected
    Items that are protected are protected from mob griefing - namely creepers, whose blast radius will not affect the item or the surrounding blocks.
    You can protect the following items:
    Trapped Chest
    Wooden Door

    All types of doors can be locked. Doors do not react to redstone.
    Iron Door
    Iron doors work similarly to wood doors in that you can click on them to open them when locked rather than the Vanilla mechanic of requiring redstone to open, as they do not react to redstone.
    Trap Door
    All types of trap doors can be locked. Iron trap doors work similarly to wood trap doors in that you can click on them to open them when locked rather than the Vanilla mechanic of requiring redstone to open, as all trap doors, including iron, do not react to redstone.
    Fence Gate
    All types of fence gates can be locked. Fence gates do not react to redstone.
    Enchantment Table
    Brewing Stand

    Player Heads
    Please note that we reserve the right to modify this list of protected items and make changes as needed without notice.

    How to Protect Items
    Your items are NOT automatically protected when you place them down. To lock an item, type /cprivate, then click on the item you want to protect. You will be charged 5 llamas per protected item, regardless of which command in this section is used.
    Doing this will make you the only person with access to your protected item. Should you want to grant others access to your protected item, type /cmodify @[username], then click on the item you want to add someone to.
    Finally, typing /cpublic, then clicking on the item you want to protect allows you to be the owner of said item. This allows the general public to access it, but not destroy or move it. This is very common for public Enchantment Tables and Anvils.

    Removing Protection from Items
    Removing a protection from an item will not refund you the 5 llamas you paid to protect said item, but also comes with no cost. To remove a protection from an item, type /cremove before clicking on the item.
    If you want to revoke a player's access to a protected item, type /cmodify -[username], then click on the item in which access is to be revoked.

    Destroying a protected item, or for some items, the blocks around it, will also remove all protections from it.

    Password Locking Items
    You can password protect an item. To set a password on an item, type /cpassword [password], then click on the item in which you want to set a password. You will be asked for the password each time you attempt to access the item once per login session, except for your current login session. Doing /cmodify is not necessary when setting a password on an item as you can just give players who you wish to grant access to an item the password. Using this command will also cost you 5 llamas.
    To unlock your item, type /cunlock [password] when prompted after attempting to access your item. Keep in mind that you will only be prompted for this password once per login session, unless you exit out of Nerdcrafteria to go to another world.

    Protecting Multiple Items
    /cprotect or another command to lock multiple items each time can be a pain. Luckily, you can type /cpersist before typing any other command to perform mass protection or removal of protections from items. You can switch commands halfway through and your commands will still persist. Typing /cpersist again will stop the persisting of commands. Keep in mind that if you attempt to place down an item while /cpersist is still active, the plugin will register the action as an attempt to register a protection, which will be rendered invalid, and your item will become a ghost item, which can be gotten back by relogging. Please be aware that intentional or accidental locking of items with this command will still cost 5 llamas.

    Please note that any player found to be abusing the system in any sort of way to harass players will be dealt with as a griefer, with similar consequences.

    Shortcut Link: http://dftba.us/etc
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