Installing Shaders

Nov 9, 2018
Installing Shaders
  • How to Install Shaders

    For Windows
    For Minecraft 1.13


    Shaders are a unique way to add some breathtaking beauty to the world of Minecraft. From transforming how builds and server hubs look, to just making your journey in singleplayer feel more epic and real, they bring a lot the Minecraft table.

    This guide will show you how to download and install Optifine (a mod that boosts FPS performance and introduces more video settings for you to customize your Minecraft experience) as well as provide resources to locate shader packs.

    Before you start, one thing needs to be addressed: your computer’s capabilities. While Optifine will help out a lot in alleviating the stress of rendering constantly updating shadows and lights, many people report an average Frames Per Second (FPS) drop of about half. Therefore, if you normally have to set your video settings to Low or have low FPS most of the time, installing shaders may have an overall negative impact on your gaming experience.

    Alrighty, full speed ahead!


    You’ll need to download a couple things (links below). If compelled, feel free to download everything at once or follow along and download when prompted to.

    Remember: Downloading third party software or mods is done at your own risk. The server is not responsible for issues with your game or computer resulting from doing so.

    Optifine ->

    Shader Packs ->


    This guide was written for Minecraft 1.13, but Optifine can be applied to many different versions of Minecraft. To get started, visit and click on Downloads in the header.


    Find the applicable Optifine download for your version of Minecraft. In this guide we’re downloading the version for 1.13.2



    Depending on your browser settings, you may need to allow the download to complete. (example for Chrome)


    Make sure that you have a Minecraft profile created for the version you’re targeting (and that you’ve started it at least once) before attempting to install Optifine.


    Find the Optifine installer that you downloaded and double click to run it.



    Click on the install button and you should receive the following message.


    You can confirm that Optifine installed properly by starting your Minecraft client. You should have a new profile listed with Optifine.



    Now onto the actual shaderpack that will give us the pretty shadows. There are many different packs to choose from, and not all have been updated to work with Minecraft 1.13. You may also need to work through several to find one that works with your computer & video card.

    There is a list of available shader packs at

    Pick the one you prefer and download it.

    Now, before we can drag and drop our shaderpack into the Minecraft folder, we’ll need a place to put it. Make sure that you have started up your Optifine version of Minecraft at least once. This will also give you a quick and easy way to get to your shaderpacks folder.

    Click on Options -> Video Settings in Minecraft:


    Click on Shaders:


    You can open your shaders folder using the button, or choose between the different shader packs you have already installed.


    Drag the downloaded .zip file into your `shaderpacks` folder and it should appear in the list.

    You can also quickly navigate to your shaderpack folder by typing %appdata%/.minecraft/shaderpacks into a file explorer window.

    You should now be able to start your Minecraft world and have pretty shadows and shaders!


    Shortcut Link:

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