Installing Resource/Texture Packs

Nov 13, 2018
Installing Resource/Texture Packs
  • How to Install Resource/Texture Packs
    For Windows

    Nerdcrafteria Texture Pack

    You can find the Nerdcrafteria Texture Pack here.

    Resource/Texture Packs
    ResourcePacks (RP) are a great and easy way to personalize your Minecraft experience. They can drastically change the look and feel of Minecraft or just bring out a more stylized aesthetic. In this guide you’ll learn how to download resourcepacks, insert them into the appropriate Minecraft folders, and activate them in-game.

    Search the internet for some “Minecraft resourcepacks” and you’ll soon be bombarded with a vast array of RPs; there are even some sites that will allow you to pick and choose between different item and block textures for you to truly have a personalized RP. Here are some of the more well-known ones:

    Sphax PureBDCraft
    Chroma Hills
    Willpack HD
    Modern HD
    Paper Cut-Out

    Just be sure that a resourcepack you like is supported by the latest version of Minecraft, or whatever version you are currently using! Be sure you only download from trusted sources that scan their files for any viruses, etc. The official Minecraft forums and Planet Minecraft are usually very reliable.

    Once you've decided on a RP, download the latest version of it. You can then find the .zip file in your browser's downloads folder.

    Next you will need to move the compressed RP into your Minecraft ResourcePacks folder. You can quickly navigate to this location by pressing Windows Key + R and typing %appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks or you can get there through the Minecraft application. With Minecraft open, click on Options:

    Resource Pack1.PNG

    Then click on Resource Packs:

    Resource Pack2.PNG

    Then click on Open Resource Pack Folder:

    Resource Pack3.PNG

    Drag the .zip file from your Downloads folder into your Resources Pack folder:


    Disabling Server Textures
    If you ever want to disable server textures on a multiplayer server and are running 1.7.9 or later, do the following:

    - Select the server (one click!)
    - Click the “Edit” button
    - Click on the “Sever Resource Packs” until it says DISABLED
    - Click “Done”
    - Log onto server (double click!)



    Selecting Your Resource/Texture Pack
    Once in-game you need to open up the Game Menu (usually the Esc button) and click “Options…”, next click “Resource Packs…” at the bottom of the left hand column.


    This will bring up a RP menu that shows you the available RPs and the RPs that are selected/active. When you mouse over an available RP, an arrow pointing to the right should appear over the RP’s icon. Clicking this arrow will move the RP to the “Selected” column. If you wish to deactivate a RP, hover your mouse over the active RP and click the left point arrow to move it back to the “Available” column. Once you are satisfied with your selections, hit “Done”. The RP will then load and activate. HD texture packs take a bit longer to load so don’t panic if Minecraft freezes for a few seconds.




    Now you can begin enjoying the new look of Minecraft!


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