How To Minecraft

Sep 11, 2017
How To Minecraft
  • How to Minecraft

    Break block, craft block, place block, repeat
    A small collection of links, tips, and tricks for players who want basic Minecraft help. Remember, Google is your friend!

    How Do I Minecraft?
    If you're entirely new to Minecraft, we strongly suggest you open a tab to the Minecraft Wiki ( and keep it open on your browser for quick reference. It can answer 90% of your Minecraft questions at a glance. It includes recipes, mob behaviors, biome info, etc.

    We have a couple of different servers with unique play types; /server nerdcrafteria is closest to vanilla Minecraft, and a good spot to get started.

    Some basic tips:
    · /server nerdcrafteria has plots you can buy for a permanent home (as long as you don’t leave the server for too long), and no monsters will spawn there.
    /mine is useful in order to gather materials, but be careful because it is on Hard difficulty, and monsters will try to get you.
    the nether and the end can be accessed from /mine through the usual methods, which you can find described on the Minecraft wiki.​
    · /kit starter gives you useful starter items if you don’t want to start entirely from scratch. Otherwise, punching a tree is always a good way to start.
    · T (or another button if your keys got remapped) opens up chat, where you can talk to other players or enter commands.
    · /modreq puts you in contact with staff - if you have a problem of any kind and need staff help, file a modreq with a short explanation of the problem.
    · /recipe shows you the items and configuration you need to craft whatever you like. The name of the item has to be in one word, like /recipe mushroomsoup.
    · customizable items like banners or fireworks are best described by the Minecraft wiki. There are also a few sites that will also let you play around with banner designs before you build them, like Keep in mind that we have a 6 layer limit on banners when you’re designing.
    · potions are really useful, especially in somewhat dangerous situations (Fire Resistance is your friend in the nether). There’s a really nice graphic on the Gamepedia wiki that shows all the potions and how to make them if you don't want to buy from a shop.
    · /money will show you your balance, so you know how much you have to spend at shops or on plots.​
    If you’re looking for tips on how to get started in Minecraft, or just want to see people having adventures and doing or making cool things, there are a lot of gamers who play Minecraft on YouTube or Twitch. Keep in mind that Minecraft on PC is a little different than it is on other gaming systems, and it has also changed a lot since it was first introduced.

    Useful NC wiki pages for getting started:
    Code of Conduct
    Joining Nerdcrafteria
    Useful Commands

    Games World (Coming Soon!)

    The whole wiki is filled with useful pages, so if you have a question on something that is Nerdcrafteria-specific, you should be able to find it on here somewhere!

    When Minecraft isn’t working:
    Is the server down or is it Mojang? Why isn't my skin showing? What does it mean if sessions are down?
    Sometimes something goes wrong on Mojang's end, making it so that you can't log into our server. To check and see if this is the case, we highly recommend you bookmark one of the following (or both) sites, as they will give a fairly accurate tracking if Minecraft servers/sessions/skins are down within a 5-10 minute window or so.

    The Mojang and Minecraft twitters will also send out info if they are having a major bug.

    Sometimes it can also be a brief blip or a problem with your internet. It can’t hurt to wait a minute or five and try again.

    If the Nerdcrafteria server has planned downtime for any reason, there will be a forums post and sometimes a Tumblr post announcing it ahead of time. If it’s unplanned downtime that lasts for a length of time, a post will also be made with whatever info is available.

    Is ______ a server glitch or a Mojang glitch?
    Sometimes things in Minecraft don’t work quite the way they should. Bugs are a thing that happens in every computer program at some point, so don’t panic. There’s a few ways you can use to figure out where the issue is coming from.

    You can use the Mojang Bug Tracker site ( to quickly see if something is a problem everyone is having. Sometimes there will be info on how to resolve an issue, but often the issue will remain until the developers can patch it.

    If you think an issue is specific to our server, please use the Bug Reports form to submit it. It’s possible you’ve found something that we didn’t know was a problem that might be able to be fixed! Be sure to fill out as much info as you can on the form so we can try to figure it out.

    If you’re experiencing what you think is a bug on a heavily modded server such as Skyblock, consider looking up the plugin on a site like Spigot or Bukkit to make sure it’s not intentional.

    You can also always talk with a staff member on the server through /modreq or /msg.

    Where do I find a new skin/resource pack/shaders?
    There are websites all over the internet for such things, but you should be careful and only download from reputable sites and original sources. The most popular of these, which are known to keep close track of anyone trying to sneak viruses or harmful files into downloads, are Planet Minecraft or the Minecraft forums. Download at your own risk and practice internet safety and security!

    Minecraft has updated to a new version, but the server has not, now I can't log in! What do I do!?!?!
    First, don't panic. Downgrading is very very easy. You can quickly make a new launch configuration just to log into Nerdcrafteria until such time as we can upgrade to the new version. Just follow these easy steps.

    1. Open up your Minecraft client. On the top right is a button that says 'Launch Options'. Click there.


    You will be taken to the Launch Options page, here you can save different settings configurations for launching Minecraft. Click the 'Add New' button in the top left to create a new configuration.


    Click the dropdown and select the version of Minecraft the server is currently running. This can be found on the Tumblr page, or by looking at the recent news posts any time there is a version update. You can name your new configuration if you'd like. The server name, or the version of Minecraft you'll be using usually works. If you do not name it, it will be saved as "Unnamed Configuration". Click 'Save'.


    Ta dah~! A new configuration! Make sure it's the right version of Minecraft and named something you'll recognize (You can click on it to edit it if needed). Click 'News' in the top left corner.


    5. You'll be taken back to the Minecraft launcher landing page. Click the arrow next to the play button and select your new custom configuration. You can easily switch between configurations whenever you launch Minecraft to play on whatever version you want! Hit play to come join us in Nerdcrafteria!


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