Feed The Beast

May 28, 2017
Feed The Beast
  • Server: FTB - Feed the Beast (Paid Access)

    Feed the what now? Our modified minecraft server of course!

    What is FTB?

    FTB, or Feed the Beast, is a package of modifications to vanilla minecraft. With all the new things these mods let you do, every season is unique and awesome! In addition to everything you can do in vanilla Minecraft, there are new items, magic, technology, and so much more. We have a custom modpack maintained by our staff which provides a unique experience each season! The server is completely reset every few months to keep things fresh and interesting.

    Due to the complex nature of this server, it is whitelist only.

    How do I get access?

    Buying access:

    To get access to our FTB server, you must buy FTB access through Buycraft for $20 USD, /vt shop in game on the main server for 2500FBP, or be a lifetime VIP.

    Logging onto the server:

    To learn more about how to install the FTB launcher and log onto the server, please see the FTB subforum. This subforum contains threads that give you all the information you'll need about how to install and log onto FTB, as well as FTB specific rules, tips, and tricks provided by staff and players. Please check these threads often, as new information may become available.

    You can access the pack on Curseforge here.

    The FTB server IP is ftb.nerdcrafteria.com

    Shortcut Link: http://dftba.us/ftbwiki

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