Jun 7, 2017
  • Economy Server

    Nerdcrafteria's Original Server


    What is the Economy Server?
    The Economy Server has something for everyone! You can be a monster hunter, a potion brewer, an architect, a crafter, a shopkeep... the options are only limited by your imagination. Using the money (or llamas) you've earned, you can buy plots, and sell/trade materials and other items with other players.

    Nerdcrafteria (Mainworld)
    In Nerdcrafteria you will find staff and player towns with protected plots you can purchase to build your dream home. There will be 4 staff towns, currently consisting of Nerdtropolis, Solara, and Thistledown, and 12 player towns, which are still being created! They range in various sizes and prices from a plot for 4000 llamas in Nerdtropolis to your own personal island in Thistledown for 12500 llamas. VIP Players can claim a plot in Viridian Isles, a town housing our larger VIP plots. You can also find apartments up for sale in Nerdtropolis by visiting /warp apartments that range from 150 llamas to 200 llamas. In the main world, you will take zero damage from falling, drowning, or lava. Basically, you are immortal and safe to explore the towns and wilderness in Mainworld freely. If you have any economy server questions in game, /warp FAQ is a great place to start!

    You'll find things are much more dangerous in Mineworld (visit with /mine, to return it’s /main), a resource gathering world that resets every month on the 1st to a new map. Here, you can gather and mine materials to sell to /warp ashop, /warp aenchant, or to other player shops across the server for money. You can also earn llamas from killing the hostile mobs that spawn here. Note, that mobs spawned from a spawner will not give llamas, but destroying the spawner itself will grant you a fair amount instead. Within Mineworld you can traverse the Nether via portals or even the End through a stronghold.

    Mineworld is also home to a monthly community known as Mineville, located in the area around Mineworld spawn. You will find player shops, player built Events, various organizations, community farms, and homes scattered throughout the land that are rebuilt every reset. You are free to build in Mineworld and Mineville as you like, but be respectful towards what others have built. Griefing is not allowed and will be punished. In general, if you didn't build it, don't destroy it. Also keep in mind while here you do not have the bubble of protection that main offers.

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