Jan 12, 2019
  • Currencies

    Our server uses a few currencies for use in certain worlds or even special shops!

    Main Server: Llamas and Crias
    Our Main Server uses Stars, used like Dollars, and Nebs, used like Cents. This currency is used mainly for the buying and selling of goods in shops, and market stalls. You can see your balance in the tab menu, or by typing /money. To pay someone directly instead of having to go through a shop, type /money pay <username> <amount>. See the Economy page for more information on how to earn money and what you can spend it on!

    Buycraft is our donation site that allows you to donate to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck. You can use real money to buy in-game perks such as boons, tags, player heads, and nicknames. Real money cannot be used to purchase any of the aforementioned currencies.


    A retired currency. Credits were a currency given to player who played on a previous server map. When that map reset, money balances were reset as well to give our Economy a frest start. Old balances carried over in the form of credits, which were primarily used to fund player towns and purchase warps. This currency was retired with the server reset in October of 2018.

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