Clientside Mods

Aug 25, 2016
Clientside Mods
  • Allowed & Disallowed Client Mods

    If something is not listed here, assume it is automatically banned
    until otherwise given explicit permission from a staff member.

    Allowed Client Mods
    Please be aware that staff cannot provide technical support for mods or modded clients. Download and install at your own risk.
    NEI (Non Enough Items) - The advanced recipe function may be used (legit versions only, none hacked)
    Most Minimap Mods - View/mob tracking and cave mapping must be turned off or disabled. If it can't be disabled, you cannot use it.
    Cosmetic HUD changes - Things like changing the shape of the pumpkin face, etc.
    Recipe mods - NEI is an example, but there are also others that exclusively do this function.
    Optifine - Mods that help reduce lag are permitted. Chunk render distance, however, is defined by the server and cannot be overridden.
    Minechat - This was previously not allowed due to some characters triggering a server wide kick. This has been fixed, so it is now allowed to use to connect to the server.​

    Disallowed Client Mods
    The general rule for the mods we do not allow on the server is that they cannot provide a definitive in-game benefit, only a cosmetic one. Recipe mods are the rare exception to this, simply due to the ease of opening up the Minecraft Wiki on a web page.

    Mob Tracking/Cave Mapping - This was mentioned above. Please disable these features on your minimap or use a different minimap.
    Inventory Tweaks - The ability for the mod to replace tools automatically is considered unfair, especially as a combat advantage, and organizing chests instantly is an indirect violation of MondoChest's ability to do the same.
    TooManyItems (TMI) - For creative mode and special enchanting features
    Macro mods of any kind - Macros allow players the ability to quickly spam just about anything they wished, as well as providing minuscule advantages in trivia Events, auctions, and other Events where quick response time is needed to win something.
    X-ray mods - The ability to unfairly locate and directly mine towards minerals circumvents the natural process of locating and harvesting minerals for sale, inundating the market with ill-gotten gains that cause inflation.
    Fullbright mods - The ability to see in dark caves or dark underwater temples gives player an unfair advantage in hunting monsters
    Nodus (and affiliated mods) - For obvious reasons. They contain a lot of the components listed above, as well as fly hacking, sprint, changing weather/time, etc.
    Non-cosmetic HUD changes - Mods that create new HUD elements for things that don't originate in the vanilla HUD such as saturation bars, modified XP bars, modified boss health bars, etc. This provides additional information to the mod user that could be used to trump or otherwise take advantage of someone without the mod.​

    Suggestions for this Page
    If you have a question about a specific mod or a suggestion for something that should be added to either side, you're more than welcome to send an email about it to [email protected]. If you are suggesting something, please provide a link to the mod's main page, the full name of the mod, and a brief but compelling explanation about your case, especially if you're arguing for something that should be added to the allowed list.

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