Buying/Selling Plots

Aug 13, 2017
Buying/Selling Plots
  • Buying and Selling Plots in Nerdcrafteria

    Plots: What are they, where can I buy them, and what is Areashop?

    Plot Rules

    Please check out Code of Conduct rule 8.

    Buying a Plot

    In Nerdcrafteria, you can own up to 8 total plots and one apartment. You may have one plot per town, so choose wisely! One of the first things almost every person new to the server asks when they come on is "Where can I find a free/cheap plot?" The fact is that there are no free plots, and cheap is going to seem relative, especially when the cheapest regions that aren't apartments start at four thousand llamas. Prices for plots can vary widely, depending on the town and how close the plot is to certain features like a warp, a market, or a scenic feature.


    A plot for sale will have a sign on it, with either [For Sale] in green lettering or [Resale] in blue lettering. It will list the plot name, price, and dimensions, or the player who is selling the plot.

    To buy the plot, you simply right click on the sign, or use /as buy [region], and you can now begin building! If you don't have enough money, nothing will happen. Reserves, partial deposits or layaway on plots in existing cities are not allowed.

    Remember that if you go inactive on the server and don’t fill out an AFK Form, after 3 weeks your plots and all the items on it will be eligible for reclaim! So it is very important to fill out an AFK Form if you need to be away for extended periods of time and want to keep your plots.


    Now that you have your plot, you're ready to build on it! You can build pretty much anything you like, within the plot boundaries of height and depth in the given plotlines. Most towns encourage you to build within the theme of the town, but you will not be forced to do so. In addition, most towns will expect you to keep tree growth within your plotlines as well, so try to place them well within your boundaries. Staff can trim your trees to be inside the plot boundaries at their will. You should also consider when you will be able to build on your plot before buying it. If you have left your plot empty for 2 or more weeks, mayors may send you a 72hr build notice before reclaiming your plot.

    If you decide that you want to have a friend help you build, it’s easy to get someone added to your plot. This will give them build rights on your plot, and they will be able to build, destroy and access everything on the plot except for locked chests. To add someone to your plot, simply use the command /as addfriend [player] [region], and they will be able to build immediately.

    If you wish to remove someone from you plot, just use the command /as delfriend [player] [region].

    Please keep in mind you can't subregion your plot or limit their access to only certain areas of the plot. You can't host your own apartments or townhomes, except by mutual agreement and common courtesy. You cannot advertise them as such either. If someone is added to your plot, they have full unrestricted access to the entire plot, so be careful with who you add to the plot. Staff cannot help you with damage or items removed by players who have rights to the plot.

    Apartments and Towns: Pricing

    Agra Bazaar- 170ll
    Dragon's Slumber - 170ll
    Eldergleam Sanctuary- 150-200ll
    Howl’s Moving Condos- 150ll
    Sakura Manshon- 150ll

    Nerdtropolis - 4000-4400ll
    Solara - 8000-15000ll
    Thistledown - 9000ll (Island plots 12,500 ll)

    Selling Plots: Reselling

    If a player decides they want to sell their plot, they have two options. The first option, which is covered in this section and has the possibility of earning far more money back, is reselling. Reselling your plot involves putting it up for sale so that other players can purchase it. PLEASE note that plot-flipping is NOT allowed on the server. Plot-flipping is the practice of buying a plot and then re-selling it for an overly inflated price that is far above the average plot price for the size/town your plot is in.

    To sell the plot, you can use /as resell [price] [region]. While the plot is up for resell, you and all friends added to it will no longer have access to the plot, however if you change your mind you can use /as stopresell [region] to take the plot back off the market and you will once again be able to access the plot.

    Using /as me shows you a list of all the plots you currently own, rent, or are added to. This will give you the specific region name for your plot. If you are unsure of the normal price for your plot, /as info region [region name] will tell you how much it is worth.


    A picture of a plot up for Sale, and up for Resale

    Selling a Plot to Nerdcrafteria

    If a player decides they would like to sell a plot directly back to the server, they can do so by standing on the plot and typing /as sell.
    This will immediately wipe the plot of any builds and sell it to the server for 20% of the plot’s original worth. The plot will be back up for sale and the player will be free to buy another plot. If a player accidentally sells a plot back to Nerdcrafteria, there is nothing staff can do to give the plot or its contents back to the player.

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