Oct 8, 2017
  • BanManagement

    A plugin used to ban, mute, and warn players who forget to be awesome.

    What is BanManagemnt?

    BanManagement is the plugin we use for punishments. Players can use this plugin to check their warnings for past offenses, including bans, mutes, and kicks. Each warning will have points associated with it. If your points add up to or go over 25, you will be permanently banned until appeal.

    A warning will show up in red text in chat, either wherever you are when the warning is issued, or in hub if you received it while offline. The points you received will be listed in the warning.

    A kick will show up as you being disconnected from the server and a screen saying "You have been kicked!"

    A mute means you will not be able to speak in chat.

    A ban will show up when you log into the server. If you have been temporarily banned, the screen will show a timer.

    A jail sentence will move you to our server jail, if you are not online when jailed, you will be moved there upon login. While jailed you will not be able to leave or chat until your jail time is up. Your remaining jail time will be displayed on the scoreboard. Jail time will only decrease as long as you are online.

    All of these punishments can be appealed with this form.

    Warnings will not go away, although points can possibly be adjusted after the appeals process. Warnings serve as an information file for staff about a player's past behavior, and is private between that player and staff. Past offenses and your warning "balance" are taken into consideration in any future issues on the server. Players are responsible for keeping themselves current on the server rules and monitoring their account and their behavior to prevent further warning points being assigned.

    Player Commands:
    /bminfo -w: Shows past warnings, when they occurred, and the warning staff member.
    /bminfo -b: Shows past bans, when they occurred, and the banning staff member.
    /bminfo -m: Shows past mutes, when they occurred, and the muting staff member.
    /bminfo -k: Shows past kicks, when they occurred, and the kicking staff member.

    Shortcut Link:

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