Avoiding Lag

Aug 25, 2016
Avoiding Lag
  • Avoiding Lag

    Everything is awesome when it runs really fast!


    The dreaded L word. It slows you down, forces your to redo tasks, and makes everyone's overall gaming experience pretty terrible. There are a few different types of lag. Frames Per Second, or FPS, is the most common type. It can be characterized by a sudden, and sometimes dramatic, decrease in frame-rate. This can cause the player to lose their bearings momentarily, as well as leave them vulnerable. There's also block lag that's created when a player breaks a block out of sync with other players, either by destroying it too quickly, or being destroyed faster than within the limits of normal Minecraft. Block lag typically just causes an issue with destroyed blocks, making a block that is destroyed to appear to be there. Lastly, there's entity lag caused from an immense amount of entities in a world. An entity is a moving object or falling object in the game.

    Blocks and Items

    This is general list of the worst lag offenders in the game. To avoid lag in your area, do not use an excessive amounts of these objects in one place.

    • Entities - animals, mobs, dropped items, and armor stands
    • Transparent/Partial Blocks - item frames, signs, banners, glass, leaves, slime blocks, ice, slabs, fences, and stairs
    • Beacons and their effects
    • Water and Lava
    • Redstone devices - the redstone guide has fantastic tips on how to avoid lag when building redstone circuits. However, the general rules of thumb are to (1) keep it simple and (2) give it an off switch.


    There a couple of game settings you can select to help avoid additional lag on your client.
    • Fast Graphics
    • Smooth Lighting (Off)
    • Particles (Minimal)
    • Render Distance (Small)
    • Clouds (off)

    Furthermore, many of the rules we've set in place in our Code of Conduct are designed to help minimize lag for the other players around you. If a staff member asks you to take something down, please listen to them. It means that it most likely has some of the above elements in excess and is affecting your fellow players. We love everyone being really creative with their builds, just DFTBA!

    Shortcut Link: http://dftba.us/lag

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