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Aug 24, 2016
Area Shop

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    What is AreaShop?
    AreaShop is the plugin we use to manage the regions (purchasable plots or apartments) in the mainworld on our Economy Server (/server nerdcrafteria, /main). You use it to buy and sell plots, and it also has some Useful Commands for the plots you own!

    Finding, Buying, and Selling a plot:

    /as find buy [maxprice] [group]

    Find and teleport to an available buy region (either a plot or apartment) within the maxprice, or your balance if maxprice is not specified. Include a group code to search for regions in a town or apartment building (you must include a maxprice to search by group).
    Town groups:
    Nerdtropolis: nttown
    Solara: sotown
    Thistledown: tdtown
    Apartment groups:
    Dragon's Slumber: ntc
    Evenfall Sanctuary: nte
    Sakura Manshon: nth
    Agra Bazaar: ntl
    Howls Moving Condos: nts​
    If you don't get a result, try increasing the maxprice or use the /as info command to see if there's any plots available in that group. Remember that /as find is just trying to find you available plots; you will only be able to buy if it follows the purchase rules(8 total regions including 1 apartment, one plot per town).

    /as buy [region]
    Buy the region you're standing on, or a specific region by including the code. This is what buy signs do when right clicked.
    /as sell [region]
    Wipes your plot and sells it back to Nerdcrafteria for 20% of the purchase price, immediately removing it from your plot quota. If you do not include a region code, it sells the plot you are currently on. To check what the refunded price will be, use /as info region <region>.
    /as resell <price> [region]
    Put a region up for resale at the price specified. Builds remain, and the plot is not removed from your quota until it is sold to a player.
    /as stopresell [region]
    Stop the (/as resell) resale of a region. This will place the property back under your name and remove it from the market.​
    Generally Useful Commands:
    /as help

    Shows a list of all the AreaShop commands you have permission to use.
    /as me
    Display a list of all your owned regions, as well as the regions to which you are added as a friend (with their respective owners).
    Region codes include their group before the plot number:
    Nerdtropolis: nt
    Solara: so
    Thistledown: td
    Dragon's Slumber: ntc
    Evenfall Sanctuary: nte
    Sakura Manshon: nth
    Agra Bazaar: ntl
    Howls Moving Condos: nts​
    /as info

    See lists of regions the fit certain criteria, or more information about a specific region.
    /as info all lists all plots and apartments on the server
    /as info sold lists all plots and apartments that have been sold
    /as info forsale lists all plots and apartments currently for sale
    /as info player <username> lists all plots and apartments owned by a player
    /as info region <region>
    shows more detailed info about a specific plot or apartment​
    Use the group code list above under /as me to determine where a region is located.

    /as tp <region> [sign]
    Teleport to a region you own or are added as a friend. Use /as me to find region codes for your plots. Including 'sign' teleports you to the plot’s sign.
    /as settp [region] [reset]
    Set the /as tp position for a plot you own, for you and anyone added as a friend. Including 'reset' will set the teleport location to the one automatically generated by areashop.
    /as addfriend <player> [region]
    Add a friend to a plot or apartment(if no region specified then the location you stand in will be used). Friends receive build rights and the ability to use items like chests for the whole plot.
    /as delfriend <player> [region]
    Remove a friend from a region, revoking all their permissions for that area (if no region specified then the location you stand in will be used).​
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