Winter Secret Llama 2019 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Worlds Chat' started by Stormy, Dec 14, 2019.

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    Please feel free to use this thread to post about your Secret Llama experiences,
    presents and anything else
    Secret Llama related!

    Just a few thread ‘rules’:
    ☼ Don’t reveal who you are giving presents to ☼
    ☀ Don’t try to speculate who your Secret Llama is ☀
    ☼ Don't ask for gift ideas relating to specific interests of your Secret Llama ☼
    ☀ Please post any general questions about Secret Llama on the news post

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    So on Wednesday, I came online to see I have something in my /mailbox! I didn't even know we had the /mailbox command haha.

    There was a pink shulker box filled with cake! :)


    Thanks SL :D Now I gotta make my way to eating them all. (Or caking someone :p )
  3. TimeSorceror

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    This morning I was just minding my own business, working on secrety secret things... and then I warp back to my Sheep Shack in /explore for some more materials to find a chest in the middle of my home! Inside the chest was a book, which told of a mountain with a real Tower of Pimps hidden among some fake ones, and to start the search at the end of the railway at explore spawn.

    So off I went. Along the way, an Enderman attacked me mid-route and whilst fighting him some of the track was blown up by a Creeper, but I fixed the rail and continued on my way.

    At the end of the rail, in the distance; I spotted them.

    2019-12-14_12.03.30.png 2019-12-14_12.11.00.png

    Eventually, I found the real Tower of Pimps and dug underneath of it as instructed... to find a treasure chamber!

    2019-12-14_12.12.14.png 2019-12-14_12.12.29.png

    The cow was named Edgar and the chicken was named Millie. On the stand there was also a set of "Dumbass Chocolate Armor" which Gavin wears in Sky Factory 4, and inside the chest...


    Golden Nugget: Nug Club!
    Rose Bush: Ray's Roses
    Fishing Rod: Fishing Jamboree Prize
    Zombie Head: Verne Skull
    Record: AH - The Musical

    A bunch of gold and diamonds and my personal favorite, lots of redstone blocks all renamed as "Blood from Jeremy's blood altar" which really made me crack up and just sit there laughing for a good solid couple of minutes. :p

    Thanks SL, I'm looking forward to next week!
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  4. OhMagicalUnicornLord

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    AAaa! I got my week one gift, and it's so cute! It's TAZ themed, and also has a bunch of bookshelves and some sea lanterns in it!

    Week 1 SL 2019.png

    The items left to right: Taako's Tacos, Steven The Fish, The Flaming Raging Sword of Doom, Railsplitter, The Extreme Teen Bible, and Voidfish Ichor.

    Thanks SL! I love it! :tinyheart::tinyheart::tinyheart::D:tinyheart::tinyheart::tinyheart:

    Edit: Oops, forgot to type one, but we can leave that one a secret anyway ;)
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    Alright I'm a few days late from when I received it but week 1! I was told to head to -200,-221 in explore and there I found a chest with a Hero Sword and directions to follow the sound of cries coming from ahead (indicated by signs). A little ways ahead there was a tiny dragon who needed help finding their way home!

    In return for helping the lil guy (who had a terrible sense of direction, they were only a few metres away from their cave, silly dragon) I got a portion of their dragon hoard! Diamonds, gold, and an awesome diamond pickaxe.

    Seriously the dragon is adorable I love them so much, thank you for a lovely week one!
    2019-12-13_22.05.03.png 2019-12-13_22.05.03.png 2019-12-13_22.05.30.png

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