What You Got In Your Staff Auction Chest 2.0

Discussion in 'Worlds Chat' started by Nicole ☾, May 8, 2016.

  1. Nicole ☾

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    The auction team thought it was time to start a new version of this thread!

    Share pictures of the goodies you got in your auction chest here! :tinyheart:

    (short link: dftba.us/AuctionGoodies)
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  2. ophelia

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    There were a ton of lore items in the Snow White chest from the recent auction! A list:
    An ender pearl - "Magic Mirror"
    A cauldron - "Wishing Well"
    Roses - "Lips as Red as a Rose"
    Dark oak wood - "Hair as Black as Ebony"
    Snow blocks - "Skin White as Snow"
    A fox head block (which is SO CUTE, OMG. I want to hug it.)
    An Owl head block (Also adorbs)
    A golden apple, Lure III Thorns III - "Dip the Apple in the Brew and let the Sleeping Death seep through"
    A spiderweb - "A strand from Happy's beard"
    A piece of paper - "Sneezy's Handkerchief"
    A pickaxe, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III, Fortune III - "Grumpy's Pickaxe"
    Two panes of glass - "Doc's Glasses"
    A green shirt - "Dopey's Long Tunic"
    A daisy - "Bashful's Flower"
    A bed - "Sleepy's Bed"

    Whew! Thanks to whoever designed the chest, it was easy to tell a lot of thought went into it!
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  3. AmazingSky5058

    AmazingSky5058 Pig Jockey Lifetime V.I.P.

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    I got the Mulan chest for 26k (thank you QT!)
    Paper: "Emperor's Proclamation"
    Bowl: "Porridge!"
    Emerald: "Beads of jade for beauty"
    Diamond Sword: "Mulan's Sword" Sharpness V Knockback II Fire Aspect II
    Egg: "Dishonour on your cow!"
    Iron Sword: "Shan-Yu's Sword"
    Mossy Cobble: "Great Stone Dragon Rubble"
    Stick: "Wooden Staff" Protection IV Fortune III "Let's get down to business to defeat the Huns!"
    Iron Bars: "Cricket Cage"
    Gold Bar "I... ring the gong..."
    Head: "Mushu"
    Fireworks: (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) "The Beatiful Cherry Blossom" "The Great Stone Dragon" "Ancestor's Honor" "The Matchmaker" "Emperor's Crest" "Cri-Kee's Luck" "Mushu's Surprise" "Dragon! Not lizard."
    The flowers are all named "Cherry Blossoms"
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  4. GirlWhoWaited

    GirlWhoWaited Potato Taster Nerdfighter

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    I bid for the Merida Chest, and the final and winning bid was 7k.
    Orange with green circle banner: Clan Macintosh
    Green with orange circle banner: Clan MacGuffin
    Light Green with green circle banner: Clan Dingwall
    Blue with green circle banner: Clan DunBroch
    All unenchanted lapis: Wisp
    Enchanted lapis (1): Will o' the Wisp
    Iron Horse Armor: Angus' Armor
    Empty Map: Kingdom of DunBroch
    Bear head: Mor'du
    Enchanted Bow: Merida's Bow w/ Power V, Punch II, and Infinity I
    Bowl: Hand Crafted Bowl
    Then all the other things are named as they would be.

    Super cute chest! Thanks staff :)
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  5. QuestionTues_FTW

    QuestionTues_FTW Pig Jockey Nerdfighter

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    You're welcome. Despite not winning anything, it felt good to help a friend(Sky) out so she could win. I ended up bankrupting myself, but #Worth. Thanks for the fun auction staff!
  6. flash_fire13

    flash_fire13 Collector of Stuff Nerdfighter

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    Initially, I was doing research to see how high bids would go. I caved and won the Jasmine chest for 9,250ll. :D
    Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 3.30.37 PM.png
    Beginning at the top:
    2 Gold Nuggets - Jasmine's Earrings
    Diamond Block - Jasmine's Outfit
    Map - "A Whole New World"
    Purple Leather - Aladdin's Vest
    Flower Pot - Aladdin's Fez
    4 Pink Carpets - Magic Carpet
    Banner - Magic Carpet
    16 Snow Blocks - Clouds
    Tiger Head - Rajah
    Lapis Block - Genie
    Diamond - "Diamond in the Rough: Who disturbs my slumber?"
    Blue Clay - Cave of Wonders
    XP Bottle - Magic Lamp
    Redstone Block - Ruby

    Everything else is at it is. :)

    Thanks, Staff! :D
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  7. MoonMoon

    MoonMoon Pig Jockey Lifetime V.I.P.

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    Sunny and I won the Aurora and Ariel chests so here's what we won
    Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 8.53.26 PM.png
    Diamond Helmet (named ≈≈≈≈) - Resp. III, aqua affinity I
    Cocoa beans - Whosits
    Metal Fence (named Dinglehopper) - Luck of the sea III, unb III
    Quartz - Whatsits
    Sebastian head
    Pufferfish - Flounder
    Scuttle head
    Eye of ender - Ursula's Shell Necklace
    Depth Strider III book

    Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 8.53.44 PM.png
    Pink dyed leather helmet - Flora's Hat
    Green dyed leather helmet - Fauna's Hat
    Blue dyed leather helmet - Merryweather's Hat
    Spawn Egg - Diablo the Raven
    Iron Sword (named Prince Phillip's Sword) - Smite V, Unb. III, Fire aspect II
    Pink dyed tunic (named Aurora's Dress) - Unb. I
    Arrow (named Cursed Spindle) - Sharpness I
    Blaze rod - Maleficent's Sceptre
    Lapis blocks - "Make it Blue!"
    Pink wool - "Make it Pink!"
    Armor stand - Spinning wheel
    Cute fireworks
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    FIREALLCAPS Potato Taster Lifetime V.I.P.

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    I won the Elsa chest for 45k
    Screenshot 2016-05-28 15.53.50.png
    Named items:
    Chain helmet - Marshmellow's Tiara
    Enchants: Protection 4
    Stained glass - Elsa's Palace
    Enchants: Protection 4, Power 5, Infinity 1
    Lore: Let the storm rage on... The cold never bothered me anyway!
    Iron sword: Hans' Sword
    Glowstone: The sky's awake!
    All cocoa beans: Mmmm... Chocolate!
    Diamond Chestplate: Elsa's Ice Gown
    Enchants: Protection 4, Unbreaking 3
    Minecart: Kristoff's Sleigh
    Jack o'Lantern: Hi I'm Olaf
    Moss stone: Love Expert
    Carrot 1: Reindeer are better...
    Carrot 2: ...than people
    Dark oak door: Please, I know you're in there
    Snow block 1: Do you wanna build a snowman?
    Glass pane: Frozen Fractal
    Snow block 2: Watch out for my butt!
  9. random_person1

    random_person1 Tree Puncher Lifetime V.I.P.

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    Won the Rapunzel chest for 37k!


    Enchanted Book: Protection IV
    Glowstone Block: Sky Lantern - Silk Touch I, Unbreaking III, Lure III ["All at once everything is different, now that I see you"]
    Enchanted Book: Luck of the Sea III
    Head: Pascal
    Dandelion: Magical Golden Flower
    Horse Egg: Maximus
    Iron Axe: Frying Pan - Sharpness IV, Efficiency V, Unbreaking III
    Fishing Rod: Luck of the Sea II, Unbreaking I
    Trapped Chest: Flynn's Satchel
    Iron Door: Mother Knows Best
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  10. cindies

    cindies Potato Taster Nerdfighter

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    I won Tiana's chest for 15k
    Named goodies here are
    Wolf eggie named Stella
    3 pink "escape balloons" glass
    "Tiana's Restaurant" Paper with fortune III
    2 Enchanted books Respiration III and Fortune III
    A stack of Glowstone dusts known as "Firefly"
    with a leader named "Ray"
    A single Glowstone named "Evangeline"
    A stack each of "Swamp Gumbo" soup and regular "Gumbo"
    64 loaves of "Man-catching Beignets"
    A wither skull known as "Facilier's Talisman"
    Skelly head called "Facilier's Mask"
    A froggie named Naveen
    A beautiful cauldron named "Daddy's Gumbo Pot"
    And finally a little boat named "Mama Odie's house"

    Chest can be seen at /warp 99c :) Thank you for the fun Auction!!

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  11. saelmve

    saelmve Pig Jockey Lifetime V.I.P.

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    Keeko and I won the Steven/Connie chest together! There were a lot of cute lore items in this chest!
    • Apple: "Crying Breakfast Friends"
    • Eye of Ender: "Centipeetle"
    • Pink Dye: "Steven's Gem" Feather Falling IV "I've got you. You've got this! We've all got each other!"
    • Cookies: "Cookie Cat"
    • Pink Glass: "Steven's Bubble" Protection IV Aqua Affinity
    • decorative playerhead: "Jam"
    • Diamond Sword: "Rose's Sword" (it's enchanted with something I cant remember keeko has it, I'll edit this post later)
    • Melon: "Watermelon Steven"
    • Bread: "Cheeseburger Backpack"
    • Flower pot: "Hot Cocoa"
    • Bread: "Buds!"
    • Book: "Destiny's End"
    • Baked Potatoes: "Fry Bits"
    • Dyed leather boots: "Connie's Shoes"
    • Ocelot Spawn Egg: "Cat Fingers"
    • Armor stand: "Ranger Guy"
    • Diamond sword: "Rose's sword" Smite V Unbreaking III Mending
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    FIREALLCAPS Potato Taster Lifetime V.I.P.

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    I won the home world gems chest for 50k
    Screenshot 2016-08-14 07.51.55.png

    Named Items:
    Slime Balls - Robonoids
    Green Leather Helmet - Peridot's Visor
    Sugar Cane - Limb Enhancers
    Lime Wool - Alien Plushie
    Emerald - Peridot's Gem
    Earth can set you free
    Tall Grass - Meep Morp
    White Stained Glass Pane - Lapis's Mirror
    Elytra - Water Wings
    Enchants: Luck of the Sea III
    Lapis Lazuli - Lapis Lazuli's Gem
    Blaze Rod - Gem Destabilizer
    Ender Pearl - Malachite's Gem
    Golden Helmet - Jasper's Helm
    Enchants: Projectile Protection IV, Unbreaking III
    Orange Dye - Jasper's Gem
  13. CLyane

    CLyane Teacher of Toddlers Lifetime V.I.P.

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    My sister and I both participated in the auction and each won a chest. While I can't remember all the names of the items (I didn't think to take a screenshot/notes of that before she started storing her things away) I did manage to grab pictures of the contents.

    My sister won the Rose, Greg, and Lion chest.

    Included are Rose's Healing Tears, her Gem, two songs that she and Greg sing, her shield, Greg's shirt, a brick named "For Steven" and the book is Greg's $10,000,000 check.

    I won the Garnet, Ruby, and Sapphire chest. I'm not a huge Steven Universe fan, but those three are some of the cutest.
    The enchanted books are Power and Punch, the ax is Sardonyx's Ax, gems for each of them, the Eye of Ender is Sapphire's Future Vision (or something like that), and the red carpet is Ruby's headband.

    I just want to again thank the staff for the lovely auction. I've never participated in one as a player before, and it was really a lot of fun. The chests are all super cute with lots of things inside that made my sister very excited, as she's the Steven Universe fan in the family (I just watch it because its all she talks about anymore lol). I didn't get all references and jokes in game, and I don't even know what Garnet's Ax there is all about, but I really enjoyed making my sister happy, running back and forth between our rooms when she needed extra help or explanation during the auction, and the chests have really made her happy. So thank you guys for giving me another way to geek out with my sister about something she loves and have some fun with her. I love you all <3

    (Bonus picture of said sister and I)
  14. Taffythecat

    Taffythecat Pig Jockey Nerdfighter

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    I won the Pearl chest for 27k! It was filled with all kinds of goodies, and some cute named items!
    Named items:
    Iron ingot: Strong is the real way
    Birch door: pearl's door
    Iron axe: Battle axe
    Ghost tear: Pearl's gem
    Roses: It's over, isn't it?
    Water: Fountain water
    Nether crystal: Rainbow quartz's gem
    Gold ingot: Police tape ( seen above)
    Diamond sword: Spiral sphere (It happened to have the same enchants as my current sword, but at higher levels!)
    Paper: Bandages
    Pink duck: I will fight in the way... Second duck: of rose quartz!
    Iron sword: Do it for her

    Thanks so much for the chest, staff! I've been on this server a year, and haven't won a chest before. Just thanks.
  15. keeko4

    keeko4 Pig Jockey Lifetime V.I.P.

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    I'm a little late, but Sae and I won the amethyst chest together! We also won Steven/Connie, but she did for forums post for that one :)
    View attachment 17309
    Named items
    • Owl head: "Owlmethyst"
    • Bread: "Nooo! Mi Torta"
    • Fishing rod: "Amethyst's whip" Unbreaking III, Lure III, Mending
    • Purple dye: "Amethyst's gem" mending
    • Bat spawn egg: "Smoky Quartz's gem"
    • Boat: "Which way to the baby war?"
    • Brick: "Li'l butler"
    • Blaze powder: "fire salt"
    • Purple enchanted leggings: "purple puma's pants" Knockback II
    • Dragon head: "Amedile" You always say you're going to be the crocodile, but you never commit!

    Because Sae and I ended up with both Steven and Amethyst's chests, and in honor of our new wonderful fusion...
    I rearranged the chests into a smoky quartz chest!!

    View attachment 17310

    I used a couple of other things I had lying around, like the dyed boots and string "amethyst's boots" and "amethyst's whip" that I got for summer secret llama!
    I also made the pinkish shirt "steven's shirt," and the brownish helmet "smoky quart'z hair"

    Other than those, everything in there is pulled from the amethyst and steven chests! (see Sae's post for the renamed items from the steven chest that I have here in smoky quartz)

    FIREALLCAPS Potato Taster Lifetime V.I.P.

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    I won the Sinnoh chest for 50k
    Screenshot 2016-12-03 17.53.35.png
    Bottle 'O Enchanting: Mespirit's Emotions
    Bookshelf: Uxie's Knowledge
    Ender Pearl: VS Seeker
    Diamond Sword: Azelf's Willpower
    Yellow Dye: Honey
    Book: Pal Pad
    Gold Nugget: Griseous Orb
    Gold Ingot: Poketch
    Golden Pickaxe: Explorer Kit
    Iron Ingot: Poke Radar
    Red Flower: Gracidia Flower
    Clock: Dialga's Clock
    Chest: Poffin Case
    Compass: Palkia's Compass
    End Stone: Distortion World
    Enchants: Feather Falling 4
    Lore: In this world, Time does not flow. Everything is not as it seems.

    I also won the Unova chest for 50k
    Screenshot 2016-12-03 17.54.18.png
    Magma Block: Burn Drive
    Singular Quartz: White Forest
    Prismarine: Douse Drive
    Golden Helmet: Rocky Helmet
    Enchants: Thorns 3
    Black Stained Clay: Dark Stone
    Slimeball: Dowsing Machine
    Glass Pane: Reveal glass
    Polished Andesite: Cover Fossil
    Bone: DNA splicer
    Chest: Prop case
    Iron Ingot: X-Tranciever
    Dragon Head: Dragon Skull
    Enchants: Punch 2
    Lore: A skull of a pokemon which is said to have flown around the world.
    Polished Granite: Plume Fossil
    Feather: Pretty wing
    White Stained Clay: Light stone
    Snow Block: Casteliacone
    Glowstone: Shock Drive
    Singular Obsidian: Black City
    Packed Ice: Chill Drive

    I also won the Kalos Chest for 160k
    Screenshot 2016-12-03 17.55.02.png
    Ghast Tear: Piece of Xerneas Horn
    Chirp: Y
    Ward: Mega Ring
    Enchants: Knockback 2
    Pink Dye: Jigglypuff: Normal/Fairy Type
    Magma Cream: Citrus Pokepuff
    Slimeball: Mint Pokepuff
    Snowball: Winter Pokepuff
    Lime Dye: Zygarde Scale
    Tipped arrow: Zapdos Claw
    Fire Resistance: 1:00
    Tipped arrow: Motres Claw
    Strength: 1:00
    Tipped arrow: Articuno Claw
    Water Breathing: 1:00
    Ender Pearl: Mega Stone
    Wait: X
    Feather: Feather from a Yveltal
  17. bfq_8

    bfq_8 Cave Explorer Nerdfighter

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    Chipping in here, I won the Johto Chest for 58k...

    2016-12-04_15.56.26.png 2016-12-04_16.00.34.png 2016-12-04_17.57.59.png

    Removed blocks of iron/gold, dyes from the second image of the inside of the chest because they were just the base items, and not named.
    Bonemeal - Silver Wing
    Glass - Upgrade
    Grey Dye - Steel Type
    Glowstone Dust - Sun Stone
    Dyed Chestplate - Team Rocket Uniform
    Iron Ingot - Metal Coat
    Heads (L to R) - Totodile, Chikorita, Shiny Cyndaquil
    Chorus Fruit - Apricorn
    Paper - Magnet Train Pass
    Book - Mail
    Red Dye - Red Scale
    Enchanted Boots - Running Shoes (Dep. Stride. III)
    Egg - Pokemon Egg
    Netherbrick - Poke Gear
    Beetroot - Berry
    Eye of Ender - GS Ball, enchanted with Power V (purple text saying "The mysterious ball that is said to hold the legendary Celebi")
    Prismarine Crystals - Dragon Scale
    Ink Sac - Dark Type
    Quartz - King's Rock
    Blaze Powder - Rainbow Wing
  18. flash_fire13

    flash_fire13 Collector of Stuff Nerdfighter

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    Sorry. Forgot to post my chest. I won the Kanto Chest for 50k llamas. :D

    The items are:
    Prismarine Crystal - Water Stone
    Blaze Powder - Fire Stone
    Slime - Leaf Stone
    Ender Pearl - Moon Stone
    Regen Potion - Revive
    Inst. Health Potion - Potion
    Chest - Oak's Parcel
    Book - Pokedex "The first step on your Pokemon adventure"
    Magma Cream - Pokeball
    Record 13 - TM
    Record Cat - HM
    Granite - Helix Fossil
    Gold Block - Old Amber
    Andesite - Dome Fossil
    Dark Oak Boat - Queen Anne
    Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu starter player heads

    Map - Town Map
    Iron Ingot - Badge Case
    Fishing Rod - Old Rod

    All other items are as they are. Thank you to the auction staff for putting together such awesome chests. My nostalgia returned with this auction. :)

    FIREALLCAPS Potato Taster Lifetime V.I.P.

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    I won the Warrior chest for 170k:
    Screenshot 2017-02-25 18.15.13.png
    Named/enchanted items:
    Spawn horse: Loyal steed
    Emeralds: Loot
    Anvil: Backstory Proficiency
    Ink sac: Waterskin
    Shield: Battle shield, Enchantments: Unbreaking 3
    Diamond Helmet: Enchantments: Protection 4
    Stone axe: Blacksmith's Hammer
    Wooden swords: Throwing daggers, Enchantments: Sharpness 1
    Iron sword: Firebringer, Enchantments: Smite 5, Unbreaking 3, Fire aspect 2
    Diamond Chestplate: Spiky Shoulder Pads, Enchantments: Protection 4, Thorns 3
    Diamond Sword: Orc cleaver, Enchantments: Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 3, Looting 3, Mending, Lore: Standing between your enemies and the ones worth fighting for.
    Diamond Axe: Greataxe, Enchantments: Smite 4, Unbreaking 3
    Diamond Leggings: Arrow Repellent, Enchantments: Projectile protection 4
    Iron Axe: Throwing Axe, Enchantments: Unbreaking 3, Knockback 2
    Empty map: Treasure map
    Diamond Boots: Protection 4
    Extended Strength Potions: Strength
    Strength 2 Potions: Courage
    Extended Speed Potions: Endurance
  20. flash_fire13

    flash_fire13 Collector of Stuff Nerdfighter

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    I won the Wizard's Chest for 61k! :D

    Empty Maps - Scrolls of Astral Projection, Stone Skin, Light, & Cure Wounds
    Glowstone Dust - Eldritch Blast
    Splash Potion of Harming II - Acid Splash
    Stick - Wand of Magic Missile
    Packed Ice - Cone of Cold
    Leather Tunic - Battle Robes
    Prismarine Shard - Pseudodragon Scale
    End Rod - Umbra Staff
    Netherwart - Mage Hand
    Blaze Powder - Faerie Fire
    Blaze Rod - Wand of Arcane Power | A spell for every occasion! Your grows yet stronger.
    Glass - Invisibility
    Magma Cream - Fireball
    Splash Potion of Harming - Poison Spray

    Everything else is at it is. Thanks for an awesome auction! :D

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