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By Kelsey on Oct 5, 2016 at 11:05 PM
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    It’s here! The time has come! Nobody panic!

    We are very excited to announce the newly updated Lifetime and Temp VIP Packages that will be available for donation starting Monday, October 24th.

    Before I get into the nitty gritty details of these long-awaited changes, we wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your patience with us these past few months as this project got discussed, debated, pushed back, and overcame more than a few technical hurdles. We ask for your continued support as I’m sure there will be a few more bumps as everything falls into place.

    As I said back in May when I started taking over the Head Administrator role, working within the EULA regulations is not the easiest task, but we’re trying our best as a staff to give you guys some great stuff in exchange for your support of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck. Your money goes to some fantastic causes each year during the Project for Awesome, and Hank and the rest of the staff definitely want to thank you for that generosity. We’ve done our best to try and make everything fair to you guys while also keeping in mind what’s best for the server overall.

    With that said, let’s dive in!

    The Lifetime VIP Package - $100

    *Note* As always, these perks are subject to change in the future and will continue as long as the server is active. The server Code of Conduct applies at all times. Any abuse of these perks, such as /nick, may result in the loss of current or future privileges.

    • VIP Tag in-game, on the forums, and on Discord
    • Whitelist access to our FTB Server
    • Special access to Ultra Cosmetics Package in Hub including VIP-exclusive mounts, hats, gadgets, morphs, pets, and particles
    • Access to daily Fly Kit - 1 hour of flying time per day
    • Access to /nick command
    • 5 free vanity tags of your choice
    • 4 Crate de Awesome keys per month
    • 2 Ancient’s Boon per month
    • 2 Avarice’s Boon per month
    • 1 Gatherer’s Boon per month
    • 1 Warrior’s Boon per month

    The Monthly Temp VIP Package - $10

    *Note* Your month starts at the time of purchase and lasts for 30 days, whether or not you're online. As always, these perks are subject to change in the future and will continue as long as the server is active. The server Code of Conduct applies at all times. Any abuse of these perks may result in loss of current or future privileges.

    • VIP Tag in-game
    • Special access to Ultra Cosmetic VIP-exclusive hats and pets only
    • Access to daily Fly Kit - 1 hour of flying time per day
    • 2 Crate de Awesome keys
    • 1 Ancient’s Boon
    • 1 Avarice’s Boon

    VIP World

    I did also want to touch on what will be happening with VIP World. I am very sorry to say that it will be closing at the end of this month. In the end, there was not a strong, justifiable reason to keep it open with how little it gets visited. Server resources are very limited and will be even more so once our Mini Games server is open. We hope you guys understand the difficult decision it was and will continue to collaborate on a large scale in Creative, Survival, and Mainworld together.

    We will be allowing everyone the opportunity to transfer one build from VIP World to Creative. Please try and keep it to a 50x50 space maximum. We will also be making VIP World available for download after the end of the month.

    And now some Frequently Asked Questions...

    1.What’s in the Crate de Awesome?
    A: I don’t want to reveal all the secrets, but expect some shiny tools and weapons to help you guys on your Minecraft journey. More info to come soon!

    2.Which mounts, hats, gadgets, morphs, pets, and particles will be available to VIPs?
    A: We still need to test each one to ensure they don’t cause excessive amounts of lag in Hub, but assuming it doesn’t cause ridiculous amounts for you or your fellow players, anything that's available within the Ultra Cosmetics plug-in.

    3. How are you able to include a flying perk in light of the strict EULA?
    A: There is a stipulation that as long as a perk is available through an in-game currency, we are able to include it in a donation package. In order to make it something accessible to as many players as possible, we’ve allocated 1 hour per use. VIPs will automatically get 1 hour per day. On top of that, anyone can pay in-game voting tokens for extra flying time.

    4. Because of that, is anything else being added to the vote shop?
    A: Yes! The Crate de Awesome will be available as well. Additionally, you will also be able to purchase extra homes and creative plots with llamas.

    5. Does that mean those who previously paid for extra homes or creative plots will get them back?
    A: Yes! We will be setting up a form for you guys to fill out in order to reclaim them.

    6. Any news on VIP plots or replacement perks for them?
    A: A little - we can’t say much at the moment, as it’s still getting built… but rest assured we have something else in mind. We will talk about it more in depth when we can share more details!

    7. Will World Chat get turned off?
    A: Not at this time. For now, it will stay on.

    8. Can heads be transferred from VIP to Creative?
    A: I mis-spoke in the comments earlier. Since we no longer allow heads in Creative, we will allow you to re-spawn them in Main (up to 10).

    9. Will you still be able to convert your Temp VIP subscription to a Lifetime VIP rank after 15 months?
    A: Yes.

    10. Where is the form we can fill out to save builds and heads from VIP World?
    A: Right here!

    Thanks again for everyone’s support. As always, let us know if you have any questions!

    -The Staff of Nerdcrafteria
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Kelsey, Oct 5, 2016.

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    1. ikilledrobot
      So excited for the boons! Thank you!
    2. tomsk31
      So when these things come out will current Lifetime VIPs get the perks or only new ones? Actually that sounds silly...Just clarifying!
    3. tomsk31
      Oh! Yeah! With VIP world I have a lot of player heads. Can those be transferred or not?
    4. clairehead
      This is awesome! So exciting!
    5. AmazingSky5058
      These are great! Thank you so much for coming up with them :tinyheart:
    6. palinalif
      ... Welp I'm glad I don't have things in VIP world *looks at creative plot* (no but I am very excited and am trying not to scream in class)
    7. Gloindin
      Yeah Same pali i have nothing in vip world. But i am super excited too :D .Thank you staff for your hard work.
    8. tomsk31
      So when are you going to be opening requests for VIP to Main transfers?
    9. Princess Arya
      Princess Arya
      Regarding the VIP world build transfer to creative... can it part of a build? I'm pretty sure the build Kaithar and I were working on is larger than 50x50 as it's based on our pre-reset VIP build which had several plot expansions.
    10. PerfectFlaw
      Welp, looks like I'm saving my paycheck for the end of the month. :D This looks awesome guys, good work. <3
    11. verykirsten
      The form for transfers will be open on Saturday~
    12. Ellenistic
      Iirc, there aren't any kits in survival at the moment, are there any plans to enable the plugin so the fly can work there?
    13. Banesidhe
      There is an Ancient's Boon option for Survival, so I believe that is already an option, people just don't purchase it as often as they do for main or skyblock.
    14. CLyane
      A few quick questions:

      For the 5 free Vanity tags, will those be from the available hundreds of tags or just the ones on Buycraft or VT shop at the time? Are those free tags transferable (can I redeem four tags for myself and one for a friend or another configuration)? Will these five free tags be a one time deal (I assume so from the wording) or once a month?

      I'm super excited for these changes and I'm incredibly proud of you guys figuring out a good balance with these. I know this was a pain to figure out and the new perks are really exciting. Kudos, guys. I may have to buy Lifetime for my sister when I get more spare change :D

    15. ikilledrobot
      Ellen kind of already asked my question. Lol. But aside from Ancients boon, will these VIP perks only be available in Hub & the Economy server?
      (Aside from tags)
    16. Ellenistic
      I was more referring to the individual hour/day fly. The number of times I have wanted to fly but it's not been worth it for just myself to get a full boon.... One hour per day sounds perfect
    17. QuestionTues_FTW
      I know before that if you bought monthly VIP enough times you'd be promoted to lifetime VIP. Is this still a thing with these new VIP packages?
    18. Maximilian
      Best part of the post :) :p

      But seriously, thank you guys so much for coming up with awesome VIP benefits within the limits you have to abide by. I really appreciate it!
    19. Banesidhe
      I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think we'll be doing that again this time, due to having to balance it between cash and vote shop tokens, and still being able to both meet the EULA requirements and also make it a beneficial donation reward.

      I'm not totally up on the plug in we're using for that, but I believe the 1 hr fly boon is going to be Main specific. Kelsey can correct me otherwise.

      You don't get ANY because you're making it difficult! ;P J/K! Again, Kelsey can correct me if need be, but I believe we were gonna make it ANY tag available, but those tags would not be transferable. I believe, since tags are a permanent status/vanity type thing, they're a one time thing, not temporary like the boons or /fly are.

      That depends on which perk you're asking about. The particles/gadgets is Hub only. FTB access is obviously FTB only. The boons will function as they do now, so those that are only available on the Main server (like Avarice Boon) will still only be available there, etc.
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