Turtles and Dolphins and Coral Oh My...

Discussion in 'Worlds Chat' started by dasqu314, Aug 2, 2018.

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    Turtles All the Way Down!:sltown:

    So I figured I’d get this down in a more permanent place than the discord chat.

    Due to the looming Update Aquatic, there have been some ideas for various organizations based around conservation.

    The one I’ve come up with is OCEAN: The Ocean Conservation for Endangered Animals of Nerdcrafteria.

    As the update is likely far from coming to the server, this is just rough planning, but some ideas I had for this was an Hq in main providing helpful info, protecting turtle eggs from being crushed in mineworld, and protecting coral.

    Any thoughts on this are appreciated.:):nvtown:
    DFTBA, Dasqu.
  2. Elenna84

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    As the owner of warp ocean, I think this is awesome. It would be a whale-come addition to the server :D

    (That pun was all I had)

    Count me in! A few of us had always mean to make the Squid Preservation Society, from keeping guardian numbers down in sea temple explorations, but this would be a whole new kettle of fish

    (OK I lied)
  3. Patrick

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    If you offer certification of plots that are built with the spirit of OCEAN in mind I would love to get OCEAN certification of my plot in Emerald Falls. I am building a sea life conservation grotto that I plan to add all sorts of ocean plants and animal life to. :emtown::hanklerfish:

    Certification could be in the form of a special sign or a named item that can be displayed in an item frame on certified plots... Maybe a clownfish renamed OCEAN Certified, or something along those lines.

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