The Storybrook House

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    “Just recently moved into Storybrook with her parents, Ellie has lost most of her toy blocks. She recruits you to help her find them while her parents are out for the day. As she shows you around, a discovery of something secret to Storybrook may be found in the process.”

    You can start the story at /warp Storybrook (or /warp story)

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    This is my last major project before the server ends (or it was until I impulsively bought a SP plot).
    Ever since I got an Evenfall plot, I wanted to make a house-shop with a "background" to each item you bought.
    When Viridian Isles was announced I was like "here we go". I built the house but never finished the story. Basically in the last 5 days, I just smashed stuff together into some kind of thing. Not sure if it's like full out lore or very coherent, but it's a thing, with a quest-ish.
    There's no prizes for finishing so there's really no point in doing the thing unless you're really interested. It's basically a scavenger hunt with no reward.

    Though you can also shop while you look around for blocks :D

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