Server Event The Second Mapiversary - Happy Birthday, Main Map!

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    On this day two years ago, on March 4th of 2016, a few days after we said good bye to our original map, the current main map on the economy server opened its doors for the first time. It was an exciting new start. We all started back at zero, with Nerdtropolis, Solara, and Thistledown, waiting to be explored and populated with awesome and interesiting new builds.
    Since then, five more town's have been added to Nerdcrafteria's custom made beautiful landscape: Playertowns Emerald Falls, Nouveau Batiment and the recent Drakerberg, as well as two more staff administrated towns, Scythian Peaks and Viridian Isles.
    Everything was new and exciting and together we managed to create a beautifull new place to meet our friends and relax.

    To celebrate this second mapiversary staff is holding a town themed staff auction at 4pm EST today. Each of the current 8 towns will have one chest dedicated to them. The items of each chest reflect the towns style and atmosphere and will also include at least one unique, uncraftable lore item.
    We hope to see you around at the auction house at /warp auction later today!

    On top of that we also want to value the community and teamwork that led us to this point:

    Today we re-open the house point meters at /warp witchcrafteria. About an hour after this post, they will start accepting new items that will, should you be able to completely fill the meters, unlock for different rewards:

    Emerald Rain
    This reward will cause hostile mobs to have a chance of dropping emeralds. This will last one week.

    Fantastic Beasts
    This reward will unlock a special kit with several rare creature eggs. The kit will be one time use only.

    Pepperup Potion
    This reward will unlock the Pepperup kit, which, on use, will apply several positive effects on the user. It will have a cooldown of 12 hours and will be accessable for 1 week.

    Nimbus 2000
    This reward will unlock access to half an hour of flight per day. It will have a cooldown of 24 hours and will be accessable for 1 week.​

    Now to get the items you have to collect, you need to do different things. One donation meter will require you to fight hostile mobs, another will have you explore mineworld and solve puzzles, for the third one you will have to find the old crumpy man on Viridian Isles and the item for the fourth one will be simply craftable.
    Check out the Great Hall at /warp witchcrafteria to see which items unlock what.

    About an hour after this post goes up, all those methods will be available and you can start collecting.

    Good luck!

    We hope you have fun :)

    ~ Nerdcrafteria Staff ~

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Ellifaey, Mar 4, 2018.

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