New Town The Dragons will be flying! - Drakerberg Opening

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By Ellifaey on Jan 29, 2018 at 3:18 PM
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    You there! You look like the adventuring type! Brave and true, with an unquenchable fire in your heart! How would you like to sail North, to a land of Dwarves, Vikings, and Dragons!

    On the Third of February, Year Two Thousand and Eighteen, the grand city of Drakerberg will open its doors to all! At 5pm EST, Drakerberg will be holding its Grand Opening Ceremony. So come and enjoy all of the sights and sounds this new town has to offer!

    But you’re here for PLOTS! And what a selection we have! There are 98 plots for enterprising young adventurers like yourself! We have Towns, Mountains, Ships, and even entire Sea Stacks reserved for you to build as you like! We shall start shortly following the Opening ceremony by releasing plots 1-53 on Flemmjell Island at 5pm EST! The next opening will be plots 54-60, and 90-98 held February 4th at 5pm AEDT! This one will include most of the sea stacks. And finally, the Fellsing island plots, 61-89, will be released to you, young adventurer on February 4th at 5pm CET.

    So join us, Young Adventurer, and discover the world that awaits you far beyond the Northern Oceans!


    The Dragon Rider Council of Drakerberg


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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Ellifaey, Jan 29, 2018.

    1. Corylikesboys
      Are there any ultra small plots?
    2. bfq_8
      Are you looking for a plot in a certain area of town?
    3. CLyane
      Dibs on plot 014 :p I'm so happy this is opening on a Saturday, I may be able to log on! :D

      And congrats to the Drakenberg Council! I'm super happy for you guys and glad that you were able to truck through building a town! <3
    4. tomsk31
      Dibs on 66! It's actually at a time I can do! Yippeeeeeee!
    5. bfq_8
      Thanks CLyane! All of us on the DB team are happy that we've gotten the town across the line, and we hope that people enjoy it as much as we had fun building it for the server! :D <3
    6. plarby
      jokingly calling dibs on 056 ^-^ -seriously though I hope it'll be my fren-
    7. Tzaphqiel
      Just for convenience, there is an 8 hour delay between the first and second openings and a 10 hour delay between the second and third openings. So, that would mean that:

      -The first openings are at Feb. 3 5pm EST / Feb. 4 9am AEDT / Feb. 3 11pm CET
      -The second openings are at Feb. 4 1am EST / Feb. 4 5pm AEDT / Feb. 4 7am CET
      -The third openings are at Feb. 4 11am EST / Feb. 5 3am AEDT / Feb. 4 5pm CET

      I hope that helps clear it up a bit.

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