Important Updates Survival season - prizes and new challenges!

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    Congratulations Survival Players!!
    You killed that pesky wither and completed the challenge hall.

    Your prize comes in three parts
    & opens up a whole new chapter of this survival world!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    psst - if you want a classic Minecraft experience, you don't have to take the prizes
    1. Fly!!
    Fly will be switched on for the next 2 weeks, until January 10th January 18th.
    To turn it on, type /fly.

    2. More temples and biomes!
    Mineworld has thawed even more and there are temples to be found! The full list can be seen on a map at the challenge hall (which has thawed into a wonderful sunflower plains) at -4093, -3222
    • Savannah: -2526, -3214
    • Roofed Forest/Forest: -3138, -2277
    • Flower forest: -2662, -1512
    • Mesa Bryce: -3461, -1847
    • Mushroom island: -4533, -1536
    • Plains: -5307, -3176
    • Swamp: -4737, -4019
    • Jungle temple: -5950, -4591
    • Desert temple: -3776, -4955
    • Ocean temples: Far north west
    3. Awesome drops and the new challenge - Build an ice town!
    Calling all explorers! Calling all builders! Calling all artists! There's a survival town to build!
    Gather your supplies and make your way to the glowstone beacon at -2355, -3739
    There are luxury chests of supplies hidden all over that ice-spikes region. Help yourself but DFTBA and don't hoard - make sure they are shared amongst all - each chest is identical.

    Use the resources to make an ice village suitable for Frozen!
    We're looking for medieval cottages! Ice palaces! Snazzy igloos!
    Homes inside ice-spikes! Beautiful winter gardens!
    Cute shops! Polar bear play ares! Anything else you want!

    Use the glowstone beacon as your town centre - it's not often that ice turns into glowstone..
    You have 8 weeks to make a town that makes the server proud,
    We will reset at the end of Feb



    PS. No prize this time, just an awesome ice-town​

    DFTBA! The server staff
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Elenna84, Dec 27, 2017.

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