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    Long time no see!
    Well, except for some of you...

    This FTB season has gone on a little long, hasn't it?
    Hopefully everyone is looking for something new! I'm going to be working on that all for everyone. New mods, new procedures, new new new!

    But before that, how about something old? Maybe something... blue?
    I won't give anything away right off the bat(tery), but there will be something coming sooner rather than later.

    For those of you still playing around in the current season, please wrap things up ASAP. I'll be flying around taking some screenshots of places before things get on their way.

    Keep an eye out on both Discord and the Forums for gratuitous teasing of what's to come.

    BUT WAIT! What is FTB?

    FTB is basically minecraft+ some other fun stuff.
    Hopefully these upcoming plans will guide you through the world of modded minecraft.
    To summarize, it's bigger, better, and more fun. Don't take it from me, just wait and see!
    Automated ore smelting, many more things to mine, super cool ways to build, whole new worlds to explore! What more could you want? Let me know and we'll try to make it happen!!

    If you've always wanted to get your feet wet with modded minecraft, hopefully what we've got coming up will be for you. What's the worst that can happen?

    Did someone say nuclear explosions?
    No... well... did I turn that off...

    More than one ender dragon?
    You betcha!

    Falling into the void?
    Why would there be a void? What that's ridiculous... Who's been talking...

    Hold on to your horses, but don't hold your breath!
    Stay tuned for more!
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    When is the next season starting?

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