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By Islid on Oct 4, 2012 at 3:45 AM
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    So, although I said in my last post that the update news posts would probably be every week, I sort of kind of lied... There's just so much going on, I can hardly wait to tell you all about it! I finally got to Thursday and I thought, "There is just so much stuff here, I can't afford NOT to tell them about it." So, the result is a LOOOONG news post about all of the recent changes and events going on in Nerdcrafteria! Without further ado, here you go...

    Server Events:

    - The Hall of Honors is officially open for business! Feel free to drop by the Hall of Honors (you'll have to find the location for yourself...) and follow the instructions on the signs posted at the entrance. It's a nice little tribute to you guys, the awesome community that made this server possible and sustainable. We couldn't have done it without you guys.


    - As you saw in the last news post from Amsterdom, we're getting a server hardware upgrade pretty soon! It's actually going to be happening over the next day or two, and it'll mean several things:

    1. More ram, an increase from 16GB to 32GB
    2. Better processors, from the Intel Xeon E3-1270 to the Intel Xeon E3-1270 v2 (Ivy Bridge)

    These things will mean that we can run many more plugins for you guys to have fun with, like PVP and spleef plugins, various world plugins, a bunch of fun little toy plugins to make everyday events a little more interesting, and a variety of other things. The downage is expected to take place in the next 48 hours, and will probably take several hours to complete. We'll be posting updates via Twitter (linked in the sidebar), as well as a livestream from Panda during the downtime (if he's willing to host one, I haven't actually told him he's doing this yet). The forums will also be up independently of the server, so you'll be able to post here to your heart's content about all of that content you've been meaning to throw on the forums for everyone to see!


    - Anticheat and Nocheatplus, two of the most common (probably two of the only) plugins that are used among servers today to prevent cheating, are giving us some trouble lately, but we fixed them! We apologize to all of the players who suffered kicks or tempbans as a result of the plugin, and urge anyone who lost items or progress to submit a report in the Reports and Grievances section in order to let us know that something happened to you, so we can fix you back up.

    In the meantime, the plugin should be functioning normally from now on, due to a couple of permissions changes we've made. We expect very few people, if any, to be bothered by kicks or bans from now on, and those that are, are likely using some hacks that we'll be investigating... Be on the lookout.


    - PandaHP will be livestreaming every Sunday with the rest of the staff (that includes me, I think, so I should probably show up) for a Q&A Session! You guys can log into the local livestream channel at and ask ANY staff member ANY question - server-related or otherwise. We'll be there for several hours and recording all of it for you to watch later in case you miss it, so feel free to pop in and give us a shout.

    We also plan on using these opportunities to start giving away things. We'll start pretty small, like in-game cash or items, but pretty soon we'll be expanding to things like gift codes for copies of Minecraft, and even other prizes that may involve other games! Keep tuned and we'll post dates for giveaways. :)


    - In case you weren't subscribed already, go check out right this instant! It's our official YouTube channel where we'll be posting ALL of the Nerdcrafteria-related content we can possibly come up with. Amsterdom will be doing all sorts of videos about the technical aspects, Panda will post some awesome livestream content up there for good laughs, and we'll be starting a series called "Meet The Staff", where each staff member will compose and participate in a video all about themselves that you can then watch to learn more about the people that run this giant monstrosity. That channel is also considered "Partnered" now, which means that the more you watch the videos, the more it actually supports the server. We get ad revenue from each time a unique IP watches a video. Come and give us a hand for paying for the server the best way you can - watching our awesome content!


    - Clearly you've noticed the most recent changes on the forums, the most obvious of which is probably the brand new Shoutbox and Twitter Feed on the right hand of your screen at the home page, allowing you to talk to people in the shoutbox and leave all sorts of messages, as well as reviewing the Nerdcrafteria twitter feed at a glance to see if anything is going on. There's some changes to the cosmetic appearance of the forums, including some resized text, changed background images (notice the ore images behind the avatar pictures in the threads?) and some altered colours in order to streamline readability. The Kay Minecraft theme is starting to look really good. We've also edited some formatting stuff and included something really relevant at the very top of the screen...


    - A DONATIONS button! This button is actually the same link that you're directed to when you type /buy [package #] in game, except it's the main area where you get to review all of the packages and add as many as you want to your basket before checking out. While recently we've really been touting the VIP packages, we want to stress to you guys that these packages come for Llamas now, and in all shapes and sizes. You can donate for anything from 1,000 Llamas ($1) all the way up to 100,000 Llamas ($100) if you choose to do so.

    Remember, all proceeds of donations go to the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, so why not tackle two problems at once - your lack of Llamas, and the amount of worldsuck right now? A pretty noble cause, I would say. Feel free to send in as many donations as you want - we're not going to reject any of them. :)


    - Moving on to a more serious topic, you may or may not have noticed (likely many of you didn't notice, since you weren't affected) that I recently went through the world and deleted/repurposed all plots that belonged to someone who already had a plot in the same city. This drastically affected a few people, who will remain nameless for purposes of sparing the embarrassment, but I would like to remind you all once again that OWNING MORE THAN ONE PLOT IN A SINGLE CITY IS AGAINST THE RULES. You risk the IMMEDIATE and TOTAL revocation of the plot, should I find it, and the loss (without compensation) of all items and building materials contained on the plot. You will not be paid back for the plot, nor will you ever get a chance to repurchase it unless you manage to sell your other plot to someone. I go through about once a week and check the plot lists, finding duplicates, and erasing them to re-sell to other people. So be warned!


    - We've been having a few outages, and things of that nature, but you might have noticed the change to the tag when you go to log into the server on your client - we're ALMOST OUT OF BETA! We've just about nailed down the plugins that we're going to be using as the framework for the server, we've almost resolved all of the crashes and memory leaks, and with the hardware upgrade that's happening soon, we'll be more than capable of handling the worst that the internet can throw at us.

    Coming out of beta means a few things, including the fact that our capacity will increase a lot, as well as us being able to possibly have more worlds (for various things such as PVP, standard survival, etc.) and possibly expanding our current maps to make room for more towns and mining. We'll also be finalizing the ruleset we have (which is pretty much done anyways, aside from a few extra remarks) and putting several procedures into place that will streamline a lot of the nonsense that we've had to deal with on a regular basis so far, simply because there's no definite answer about a lot of these questions yet.


    - Finally, ending on a good note: The spleef arena competition has already received a TON of great submissions! PandaHP is going to have a hard time picking the arena that gets used. But don't despair, there's still plenty of time for you to submit your own version of the spleef arena. We're looking for one that's 45x45 blocks, and it can be as short or tall as you want. It can work with either redstone or button warp signs, or any of a variety of known spleef plugins (if you have one that you suggest it works best with, please include it in your submission post). Check out PandaHP's thread in the World: Creative section of the forums to find out more info!


    Thanks so much for reading my ridiculously long posts. Another one will be out this Sunday, so keep an eye out. :)

    Islid (Administrator)
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Islid, Oct 4, 2012.

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    1. Yaminatori
      I was discussing the point of only owning one plot per town and there's some confusion. I was under the impression that one plot per town was an absolute rule, but a few other people said that you can have one normal plot and another plot, if it's an apartment. For example, one NoWedge apartment and one normal plot in Agloe. Would you mind clarifying that?
    2. Islid
      Taken directly from the rules:

      RULE #16 - Plots
      Each individual Minecraft account (that is, each player) can own a single plot in each individual city that we currently own, as well as one apartment in any city with an apartment building, at the discretion of the apartment building manager. The towns are distinguished by their unique town letter code found at the beginning of each plot's name - Nerdville's is nv, Watertown's is wt, Agloe's is agloe, etc. If you are found to have bought more than one plot in a single city (as in, you own two plots with the same letter code) the first one in the list of plots you own will be wiped completely, regardless of it's contents, and it will be revoked and sold to the next person who comes along looking for a plot. You do not receive any compensation for this lost plot. Reservation of plots is also not permitted.

    3. Yaminatori
      Okay, thank you!
    4. Kaithar
      Gave me quite the scare when I was harvesting my Sugar Cane and it popped up a red message warning me about hacking. Totally behind getting rid of those false hits.
    5. CLyane
      It warns you? Because I was strip mining today with a Fortune III pick and getting tons of diamond, gold, iron, everything, and kept expecting to get kicked for hacking, because of how jumpy the system is.
    6. Rhys
      I was just mining netherbrick and it was quite laggy. It warned me then kicked me for hacking :S
    7. Kaithar
      Seems to. I think it happened because there was lag, I kept breaking the same cane and it reappeared, so I just bashed it til it stayed gone
    8. Islid
      Anticheat has a few more bumps, but for the most part, is fixed. We'll need to slightly alter one more parameter, then it should be completely set up. :)
    9. captainlag
      On the plot rules, I bought two plots in Green Hills on the same floor of one of the buildings because the owner said he could join them into one, big plot, but has not been on recently to do so. Will this be a problem?
    10. Islid
      Contact Orefield ASAP and bug him to do it. I'll also bug him if I see him.
    11. captainlag
      I put signs up in my place, other than that, I have no Idea when he gets on, or if I can contact him any other way. can you use the /payuser command to pay non-online players?
    12. Islid
      Unfortunately, no. :/ I'll bug him about it next time I see him, which should be later today.
    13. Erdumas
      I just wanted to say thank you for not only making the hall of honors a thing, but an awesome thing.
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