Server Contest Scythian Peaks' Lednia Build Contest + New Plot Prices

Discussion in 'Server News' started by Theo da Kaffei, Mar 28, 2018.

By Theo da Kaffei on Mar 28, 2018 at 2:16 PM
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    Dear Miners, Farmers and Fishers

    it is time to stack those blocks, to materialize those ideas, to create those wonders:
    Let's have ourselves a build contest, shall we?​

    The inhabitants of Scythian Peaks' Lednia are looking for help to spice up the main entrance to Lednia a bit:​


    The Facts:

    • Location: right inside at /warp lednia
    • Size: 20 x 25 x 30 (More detailed informations can be found on-site)
    • Time: until April 30th (4 weeks)
    • Reward:
      • 1st place:
        • Your build will be placed in Scythian Peaks as official town build.
        • You will get a builder's credit on the build.
        • 1 llama with chests filled with goodies + virtual llamas to an overall worth of about 5000 ll.
      • 2nd place: 1 llama with a chest filled with goodies + virtual llamas to an overall worth of 3000 ll.
      • 3rd place: A herd of virtual llamas to an overall worth of 1500 ll.

    Rules and Requirements:

    • You are allowed to work together with other players to create your build. Each player can enter only one build and there will only be one reward per entry, regardless of how many players contributed to it.
    • Create your build on /server creative on your or your teammate's plot.
    • Use THIS form to submit your build.
    • Your build has to fit within the existing town lore. Take into consideration how someone from Lednia would view the use of this spot. (A spaceport for flying saucers won't do.)
    • Your build doesn't have to precisely mimic the existing town builds and block pallet but has to be compatible with it.
    • Theme: If it fits in the lore, everything goes. A general example: A spaceport for flying saucers doesn't befit the town, but a launchpad for steam-driven zeppelins...? I agree, not for Lednia, but you get the picture.
    • You can plan with base64 playerheads in mind - use generic heads from the creative inventory for the build and add a sign saying what it represents. We will replace them for the winner build.
    Try to keep your build within the designated boundaries, but if you really need to extend that railing 2 blocks over border we may still be able to work with it (assuming there's space). And if you wanted to have a pipe run from the basement towards the water we could also do that.

    New Plot Prices

    If you are more interested to put your mark on the town with your own plot we have something for you as well!
    Starting with the contest a new price structure will apply:
    • Valley Plots: 14k llamas (warp valley)
    • Ryba Plots: 11k llamas (warp ryba)
    • Lednia Plots: 9k llamas (warp lednia)
    There is lots of room for you to settle, so check it out!

    The mayors of Scythian Peaks
    Flash_Fire13 & TheoDaKaffei
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Theo da Kaffei, Mar 28, 2018.

    1. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      Is there just one banner for the Scythian Peaks total, or is there another sub-banner for Lednia like many other places have?
    2. Theo da Kaffei
      Theo da Kaffei
      Lednia, Ryba and the Valley all use the same banner: The one that's also at the warp button at spawn.
    3. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      Is that banner (with about 11 or 12 steps to make, I estimated) even possible for ordinary players to create?
      Also, is there some kind of limit to item frames and armor stands in one location? Some I placed just vanished, though it could be due to spotty internet on my end if that's not the case.
    4. flash_fire13
      Typically, staff makes town banners impossible to recreate perfectly because we reserve those banners to mark town builds and places to explore. If a build is submitted for a town contest, most likely a banner will get added to the winning build that is pasted in.
    5. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      I kind of thought so when I saw how complicated it was. I had trouble with too many item frames and armor stands (there was a limit, implied in the wiki but not specifically laid out) anyway and had to modify a few things. I realized I didn't really need it for things to look good in the end.
    6. M. Peach
      M. Peach
      This should really be updated to show who the winners and runner's up were. (Since it seems that the winning build is already up, unless I got turned around again and went in the wrong entrance...)
    7. plarby
      Agreed, but it is understandable that life may be happening to those in charge...(don't wanna feel like a bother)

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