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By Islid on Oct 12, 2012 at 5:46 PM
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    In my defense, though, I didn't want them too close to one another. Maybe we should just roll with it and do Monday-Friday news posts. Who knows? Let me hear about it in the comments.


    1. We had a ROUSING game (actually, it was quite a lot of games) of PVP in the wee hours of the morning last night, and as a result, pretty much all participants lost all of their items in their inventories. Seems there's still some problems with the plugin, and we'll probably have to tell everyone to chest their items before joining or something of that nature... not sure. The plugin shouldn't do that in the first place!

    Anyways, sorry to all of you guys who lost your stuff. We're going to do our best to replace it all. :/ The PVP plugin, arenas, and worlds are still in progress, so we'll be working through the kinks there for a bit.


    2. You may have noticed the server hardware upgrade is in progress, as of the time of this posting! This means we'll finally be bumping up from 16 to 32gb of memory, as well as a much faster processor. It started about an hour and a half ago, from the time of this post, and by the time I finish, it should be done - so check out the server and log in! :)


    3. The spleef arena competition is nearly complete, we're approaching the 1 week mark for the entries - I've seen a few more people enter, but if you're waiting for the last day to make something and throw it in, you'd better hurry up! The end date is October 20th, and NO late entries will be accepted. Dom and Panda will fly around to review all of the entries and choose the one that they like the most shortly after the competition ends. So hurry up and enter!


    4. The forums are ever-changing, although not as much recently, with only one major change - you'll find it much easier now to distinguish between read and unread posts. We've gone ahead and highlighted unread posts on all forums in a bright green, italicized, bolded text that should be like night and day compared to the posts around it. Enjoy!


    5. We're starting a PODCAST! You might have seen from this thread right here that we were interested in hearing from how many of you that might be interested in listening to a semi-regular podcast! This would just be the staff chatting away about a variety of things, like the background and behind-the-scenes stuff going on in the server, potential new plugins, and various other bits and pieces. We'd also cover notable builds (by offering the location and a short description of course) as well as some player suggestions, such as Q&A's done with special guests and possibly even... the ever-elusive Hank Green? We'll see!

    The first podcast will be posted very soon, as soon as Panda is finished editing it. It's the pilot episode, so don't expect there to be fantastic audio quality in some places, since we're still trying to figure out how to even do this! The subsequent podcasts will be much, much better, I promise. :)


    6. The Hallowe'en event is coming up soon... and boy, is it exciting. It'll be filled with all sorts of fun - archery, explosions, combat, destruction, chaos - and you'd better be prepared to defend yourself! Just make sure you don't look away...


    7. I forgot that there was a $75,000 llama package in the /buycraft thing, so I didn't include it in the list of possible packages to buy on my last news post. So, I'll just drop it in here:

    Anyone who purchases a $75,000 llama package (a $75 value) will receive DOUBLE their money, for the first 10 packages that are purchased!

    Once again, if you just make a ticket about it, saying "I'd like my doubled money for my $100/$75/$50/ package, Islid" then I'll be able to drop by and give it to you!

    The $75 package deal offered above also applies retroactively - if you've already purchased it, let me know and I'll double your money. :)

    Total number of packages left:

    $100 - 8 packages left!
    $75 - 10 packages left!
    $50 - 5 packages left!
    $10 - 0 packages left!


    8. I'm going to go through today (the day of this posting) and clear out all duplicate plots - so if you own a duplicate one, let us know so we don't erase all of your crap! I'll be much more careful this time, so hopefully we won't have someone who lost all of their plots like what happened last time (sorry about that). Be prepared!


    That concludes today's news announcements. If I've missed anything or you feel like I didn't cover something enough (excluding the secret hallowe'en event, of course :p) then post about it in the comments and I can offer more information. Thanks for tuning in!

    - Islid (Administrator)
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Islid, Oct 12, 2012.

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    1. majambaman
      Can't wait for the Halloween Events :D
    2. Adahaka
      For people who lost their stuff in the pvp bug should we make another /modreq or a forum post somewhere, or should I just go ahead and make new armor?
    3. Erdumas
      Islid, if I see weeping angels in nerdcrafteria I might just log out.
    4. BooleanEarth
      Oh man, we should totally use the weeping angels mod for a Halloween thing!
    5. Islid
      KnotHeather and I are currently processing /modreqs so you'll get your stuff soon.
    6. majambaman
      /warp angel

      Don't Blink.
    7. TheNobleHelium
      Huh, that's weird. I didn't lose any of my stuff from the PVP games last night. I'm sorry to all those that did!
    8. Rhys
      :( Server's still down.
    9. Islid
      Yeah, we had some kind of weird takedown on the hardware side... no clue what it is. Dom isn't answering anywhere.
    10. jdavid20
      When you say duplicate plot you mean more than one plot in each town correct? Also I like that we got to news posts this week, because I was awaiting the news of all the different things happening on the server for Monday, but instead I got to find out about it on Friday! Just personal opinion though.
    11. Islid
      I posted this on Tuesday.

      Yes, that means more than one plot in each town, like it always has, and like we've explained repeatedly (to you, specifically, since you've asked this question now three times). The definition doesn't change.
    12. ShoutingTitan
      Any news on the server? /has become addicted
    13. Islid
      No updates yet... Dom is with company, but he's talking to the guys on the other side. No clue when it'll be back up - could be 5 minutes, could be 5 hours.
    14. Erdumas
      Uh, I guess I should apologize. I logged on and not five minutes later, big server crash!
      </post hoc ergo propter hoc>
      Thanks for keeping us updated, Islid.
    15. TheNobleHelium
      Well it's not 5 minutes... :/
    16. Necrojoker
      INB4 "We forgot to reinstall the heat sink so now your server is a burning pile of plastic and aluminum, sorry."

      I really hope it comes back up soon though. I'm just killing time by watching science videos o.o.
    17. Leolus109
      As long as I don't log on and find another 16 hr rollback, I'm happy! I'm so excited for the upgraded server.
    18. jdavid20
      Does this mean you will lose player data? The only reason I ask is because I was on teamspeak a few days ago and they said something about losing playerdata and then enderchests lose there stuff.
    19. Necrojoker
      I was talking about that. It happened to a friend on a different server, run by a different host. Essentially each person has their own player data file and somehow only his got deleted or corrupted. Essentially it is possible for one or more people to lose their player data in a crash or server upgrade, but it's far more likely that the player data will be intact. This is evident in the large amounts of crashes that we've had on this server since day one.

      So, don't worry too much about it, but don't be surprised if it does happen. Either way nothing can be done, worrying just shortens your life and no matter what noone has any control over whether or not player data is effected in any way. Let's just hope the server comes back up soon.
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