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    New Skyblock Season!!

    The new skyblock season has arrived! We hope you have a wonderful time making your islands.
    This season we have a
    new mod and a build competition.
    The season will run from now until the end of February

    Your new mod is greenhouses!
    This lets you build a glass greenhouse, then if you put certain blocks in there, it will change the biome to match.. spawning biome specific mods (early mooshrooms!) and plants. Some, like the clay river biome will even slowly convert your dirt blocks to clay.
    ScSh 2017-11-02 at 23.54.12.png

    Of course, this mod is optional - so you don't need to use it if you are going for the true skyblock experience. See the end for how to build a greenhouse

    Build Competition!
    This season, we're having another build competition.

    The theme is CITIES
    What would be your ideal city or town on your floating island?
    An eco paradise? Full of skyscrapers? A little skyfishing village?

    Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season.
    Keep an eye on the forums for the entry form and more details

    Greenhouses Tutorial
    To build a greenhouse
    1. Make glass blocks and build a rectangular set of glass walls with a flat roof.
    2. Put a hopper in the wall or roof.
    3. Put a door in the wall so you can get in and out.
    4. Type /greenhouses and get the recipe of your desired biome
    5. Put the required blocks in place (e.g. for a taiga biome, you would need at least 10% of the floor to be ice, plus grass and 3 log blocks and 3 leaf blocks [e.g. grow a tree inside]
    6. Type /greenhouses and choose your recipe
    Once made:
    1. Use bonemeal to grow small plants on grass immediately in the greenhouse.
    2. Or place bonemeal in the hopper to have the greenhouse sprinkle bonemeal automatically. Come back later to see what grows!
    3. Place a bucket of water (or more) in the hopper to cause snow to fall in cold biomes. Snow will fall when it rains in the world. Each snowfall empties one bucket of water.
    4. Friendly biome-specific mobs may spawn in your greenhouse - the usual rules apply (be more than 24 blocks away).
    5. Enjoy!

    Useful Commands

    • /greenhouse for the main gui
    • /greenhouse help - lists these commands
    • /greenhouse make: Tries to make a greenhouse by finding the first valid recipe
    • /greenhouse remove: Removes a greenhouse that you are standing in if you are the owner
    • /greenhouse list: Lists all the recipes available
    • /greenhouse recipe: Displays the recipe GUI - clicking on a recipe will try to make a greenhouse
    • Can I use stained glass? Yes, you can. It's pretty.
    • Can I fill my greenhouse full of water? Yes. That's an ocean.
    • Will a squid spawn there? Maybe... okay, yes it will, if it's a big enough ocean.
    • How do I place a door high up in the wall if the wall is all glass? Place it on a hopper.
    • How do I place a door on a hopper? Crouch and then place it.
    • Can I use metal doors? Yes.
    • Can I use a trap door? Yes.
    • Can I grow swamp flowers with this? Yes. Make a swamp biome and use bonemeal.
    • Can I make slimes? Yes, the swamp biome will spawn slimes using the same method as normal swamps
    • How much bonemeal is used to grow plants? One per successful plant.
    • How much water do I need to put into the hopper to make it snow? One bucket of water (just the water) is used up every time it rains. This only happens in cold biomes.
    • Can I build a Nether greenhouse? Try it and see...
    • Can I build greenhouses in the Nether? Yes. You can colonize the nether with them.
    • What kind of mobs spawn in the biomes? It's what you would expect, wolves in Cold Taiga, horses on plains, etc.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Elenna84, Nov 5, 2017.

    1. Abros
      I haven't tried greenhouses in the nether yet, but I learned on my one greenhouse so far that I can not put other blocks anywhere above it. Is this something admins can change within the plugin or is it fixed that way? I like the greenhouse mod this season for sure but it would be way more flexible if I could build above them.
    2. Elenna84
      Sadly this is an intrinsic part of the plugin which wouldn't be easy to change. I'll pass your feedback back to the mod developers though :) Hope you're enjoying your islands and DFTBA!

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