Staff Auction Mapiversary Auction - March 4th, 4pm EST

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By Ellifaey on Feb 25, 2018 at 4:05 PM
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    A gleaming city of media and games, host to magnificent apartments housing hundreds of players as they navigate their first steps in Nerdcrafteria. Marble statues and parthenons and coliseums surrounded by vineyards and an ocean ripe for trade. The largest tree in the world, with floating islands and plots nestled under dim green branches. A forest creeping with oversized inhabitants and a rich vein of emeralds beneath the jungle canopy. Dozens of variously-biomed islands, linked together by intricate bridges. Shining spires of quartz and coal, windows and walls made complex and the whole town dedicated entirely to art. Collossal geodes and crystals hidden in an ice-capped mountain, away from the modern village just outside. A newly-discovered land of moss and dragons, where spires of rock rise from the sea to support viking structures of old.


    We’ve built a lot over these past few years on Nerdcrafteria, and with our 2nd birthday since reset just around the corner (that’s right, we get two birthdays now) it’s time to celebrate our collective achievements. Come one, come all to the Nerdcrafteria Town Auction! Each chest is dedicated and themed on a different town, with plenty of goodies inside and as always one super-rare lore item!

    The Auction will be held on

    MARCH 4th
    4PM EST

    in the Auction House on the economy server (/warp auction to get there!).

    General Auction Info:
    • /warp auction will lead you to the auction house.
    • All bidding must be done via private message. The staff will make it clear who you should message. Bids made in public chat will not be counted, and could put you at risk of receiving a mute.
    • Starting Prices will be 1000 ll for each chests. Bids must increase by 250 llamas per bid, with the increment growing to 1000 llamas per bid once we reach 40k. Please ensure you have the money you are bidding in your account at the time - if you can’t pay after winning, your chest will be sold to the next highest bidder.
    • If you plan on bidding as a team, please keep it to 3 players max. Realistically, there is only one special lore item per chest, and there isn’t going to be enough in the chest to split fairly between lots of people.
    • Think of your fellow players too. Don't buy more than 2 chests for yourself please.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Ellifaey, Feb 25, 2018.

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