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    Hey, this might be a little bit of a book, so I'm sorry in advanced, but I feel that I should at least put up some of my emotion here for keepsake.
    On this server, I was Shonimay. I was that excited little teen who just wanted some friends and something fun to build, and to make some money along the way of course. I was going through some troubling things in my life when I was on the server, but this server is the thing that I was able to look forward to and be excited about. It sounds incredibly cheesy but it's true for me. It was wholesome here, the mods were great, the community was great, and it's amazing to see that some of them still poke around here or still play on the server.
    Nerdcrafteria was a safe haven for me, and at a time when I had no friends and no activities to do, it was a place were I could rest assured that I was in a place where I could relate to people (via nerd talk of course) and socialize a little. At the time I was deep into figure skating and ice dance, I was also deep in music and musical studies. I now operate in personal music production and you can actually listen to a little bit of the stuff I've wrote in the past and recent present if you look up Maycaster in soundcloud of if you've played Teranauses's Vecter. Though all that to say, the socialization was able to keep me up to terms with how I should act around people and how to work with them, a much needed lesson I need at the time.
    Being here was able to preemptively set the stage of my emotions for the years to come, which were even harder than the last, and even now I feel like it's continuing to get harder, but for some reason, knowing that all of you that I spent my time with on the old nerdcrafteria are still around, and knowing that everyone that was part of making the old server so wholesome and bustling with some form of excitement are still out in the world somewhere too, makes things easier to cope with. It helped me learn the skill of socialization, even if it was only digital, it still was able to bring me up in a positive way, and I have the community here to thank for that.
    Now I'm an adult, I have a wonderful girlfriend I spend most my time with, and I still live with a little bit of Nerdcraferia in me. Last night I visited the old server map through the file provided shortly after it's closure. The one with Agloe and Sky Loft, cool places like that. It was a nostalgia journey to say the least, but it was a good one. I'm still poking around the map to see what things I missed out on from the time I was on, and to see the things I never finished building, I was great at that.
    The nostalgia I experienced looking back on the old server made me feel like experiencing death, knowing that I can still touch the world and walk upon it, but everything frozen and still. Islid not making snarky jokes, Keeko not building some form of shop, No one running around the worlds, and no one discussing the laws of physics in Doctor Who. It's a bittersweet end to something I cherished so much, it's been a wonderful time on the server, and it impacted my life heavily for the better.
    As my life continues, I'll always think back to the times that I spent here as some of the best from that time. You might even see me poke around in the server for as long as it stands, altho now I go as my gaming user which is Some0neAwesome. If any of you who were on are still out and around and even know who the heck I am, then hello. I'm still here and I will be, and I hope the best for everyone who has been here past and present going onward.



    PS- If you're wondering why my current user isn't Shonimay anymore, it's because everything was in my sister's account that she got for me, but now I have my own so I don't have to ask for her password every time I step on minecraft
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    Hi Shoni, i remember you still :D nice to still have you arround.

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