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Discussion in 'Worlds Chat' started by tanker_joe, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. tanker_joe

    tanker_joe Guest Unregistered Guest

    There is currently not a posted list of warp points, so lets list them here! Here are all the ones I know about. Add yours too!

    The Towns

    /warp easttown = Agloe
    /warp westtown = Green Hills
    /warp southtown = Old Nerdcrafteria
    /warp lighthouse = Lighthouse Pointe
    /warp watertown = Water Town

    Shops, etc.

    /warp shop = Main Shop
    /warp pshop = Player shops in Main Shop
    /warp potion = DesertOfSand's Potion Shop

    Points of Interest

    /warp apartments = Robot Arms Apartments (Nerdville)
    /warp nowedge = Nowedge Apartments (Agloe)
    /warp pool = The Pool at Nowedge Apartments
    /warp sheep = RSA Nerdville Site
  2. TicTacChlo

    TicTacChlo Sign Stacker Lifetime V.I.P.

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    /warp food is a water town bakery shop.
  3. BooleanEarth

    BooleanEarth Guest Unregistered Guest

    /warp reef is the reef arena
    /warp chess is the chessboard
  4. Epicfailbee

    Epicfailbee Guest Unregistered Guest

    Hmm others i can think of are:
    /warp angel (somebody VIP plot build, its really kewl!)
    /warp spawn (to get back to the first area you get to when you join the server)
    /warp market (also goes to the shop)
    /warp hogwarts (to go to hogwarts castle)
    /warp gh (short version to go to green hills)

    There are more, but its late and i cant think of them =P
  5. BooleanEarth

    BooleanEarth Guest Unregistered Guest

    Oh yes, the following synonyms all work for the main shop: shop, store, market, sell, buy.
  6. cullmeister

    cullmeister Pig Jockey Lifetime V.I.P.

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    /warp lp take you to the path that takes you into lighthouse point from nerdville
  7. cullmeister

    cullmeister Pig Jockey Lifetime V.I.P.

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    also /spawn works too
  8. ZoeyRyan

    ZoeyRyan Tree Puncher Lifetime V.I.P.

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    And for anyone who doesn't know, you can set your own warp point by standing there and typing /sethome
    Then type /home when you want to return to that point. I found this very helpful for long range mining expeditions.
  9. khil01

    khil01 Guest Unregistered Guest

    /warp dock will take you to the great dock in Nerdville.
  10. KnotHeather

    KnotHeather Potato Taster Nerdfighter

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    /warp mail
    /warp post
    /warp agloepo
    /warp ghpo
    /warp sotopo
  11. Plaaank

    Plaaank Guest Unregistered Guest

    /warp angel
    it takes you to a giant weeping angel that is also a donation center (although it might not work at the moment...)
    ALSO if you know a player's in-game name you can do /home [playername] to go to their set home
    So, ya know, if you are stalking anyone... it's much easier now...
  12. CrossmenX

    CrossmenX Guest Unregistered Guest

    Can't not say... /warp agloe - instead of easttown
  13. DrinQ

    DrinQ Potato Taster Nerdfighter

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    Actually, all towns except Old Nerdfighteria have warps with their "new" town names.
    /warp agloe
    /warp greenhills
    /warp watertown

    Old Nf only has
    /warp southtown
    and a shorter version
    /warp soto
  14. Yaminatori

    Yaminatori Guest Unregistered Guest

    I have a food shop at /warp food!
  15. willderphil

    willderphil Guest Unregistered Guest

    I have a colored wool shop at /warp wool
  16. Plaaank

    Plaaank Guest Unregistered Guest

    /warp cake is now open!
  17. fallenangel3787

    fallenangel3787 Guest Unregistered Guest

    /warp cake...... what is it? I'm at work and I can't test it and i CAN'T wait until 5! is it a Cake shop ?
  18. klnikki

    klnikki klnikki of klnikki fame Lifetime V.I.P.

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    You should all go and find out!

    (it's the cakeology temple in Watertown. You should all accept the cake into your hearts)
  19. TheNobleHelium

    TheNobleHelium Guest Unregistered Guest

    I found a new warp for Old Nerdcrafteria/Southtown:
    /warp on

    There is also a warp for the hospital (we sell potions and other things) in Green Hills!
    /warp hospital

    My redstone shop has a warp now!
    /warp redstone
  20. CLyane

    CLyane Teacher of Toddlers Lifetime V.I.P.

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    Two more for you!

    /warp bookstore
    A bookstore selling custom books made in-game. If you want to sell your own books, contact myself or Plaaank for more details!

    /warp bakery
    A bakery set up by measui. Grand opening tomorrow, go check it out!
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