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By Islid on Sep 30, 2012 at 5:40 PM
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    ...we're doing GREAT!

    Thanks to all of you guys who have already registered on the forums - I see 174 registered members already, and the forum hasn't been online for more than 24 hours! Hard to believe this was only a concept less than a week ago, lol.

    Now, the only way to make the forums truly successful is for you guys to post. A LOT. Any and everything that you see and feel like posting about, go ahead and do it - everything (almost) is welcome! If you have a cool construction in creative, post about it here! If you have a plugin you want us to look at, post about it here! If you want to ask people what their favourite videogames besides minecraft are, post about it here!!! If the forums don't get enough people on them posting regularly, then they won't be a worthwhile investment, so don't let us down. :)

    Now, onto more important details...

    I'm going to start posting weekly (or possibly bi-weekly, depending on how much stuff is going on) about the server, updates and plugins we add or change, and events that are going on for you guys to be able to join. I'll be posting about livestreams, chats, and various "extracurricular" - for lack of a better word - activities that will be happening within the next week or two. That way, you guys can keep relatively up to date about the going-ons of the server, and not have to ask TOO many questions, hopefully, about what's happening. (That's the idea, anyways.)

    Server Events:

    - We're having a SPLEEF ARENA competition that's in-progress right now, run by the illustrious PandaHP, who runs most of our building competitions! We're currently looking for players who can build a good-looking Spleef Arena that will be placed somewhere in Nerdcrafteria and used with a plugin for people to run spleef games for themselves. The link is located right here.

    - As you might or might not have noticed, the servers now support nerdcrafteria.com as the DNS, as well as the IP being able to direct to the homepage where you can see these news announcements! If you're setting bookmarks for this page, use the following bookmark: http://nerdcrafteria.com/ to get to the front page. Due to a domain name routing error right now, www.nerdcrafteria.com occasionally goes to the Statistician page (the domain is, we suspect, directed to both pages simultaneously and nerdcrafteria.com just happens to be picked up more easily by the forums) so you might have to try a couple times to get here. We'll be getting that fixed soon, and the Statistician page will have it's own link (which I'll post here when it's fixed up).

    - We're going to have a series of holiday-themed events on the server, starting with the first holiday coming up - HALLOWEEN! I can't release too many details, but it's safe to say that it'll be quite fun, and might involve a fair bit of fighting... better enchant some good gear to be able to defend yourself! :)

    - Very soon, a DEFINITIVE set of rules will be posted, in the Reports and Grievances section, to be referenced to by all players interested in finding out "if they can do that". It'll include a lot of hypotheticals just in case you're unsure of terminology or implications of certain rules, and we'll be doing our best to clarify things and structure it in such a way that it can be both a quick reference guide and a detailed handbook for those who are curious about the finer details of things. This set of rules is likely to be changed a few times to accommodate things we might have missed the first time around, but we can expect it to be solidified and in-place, barring new plugin additions that necessitate new rules, within the first week of it being published. As a result, you'll need to keep an eye on it if you're engaging in potentially illicit activities that haven't been explicitly banned yet (like cobblestone and sand generators, for example). The Reports section can be foundright here at this link.

    - We have VIP now, as you can see, and there are quite a lot of people who have already donated to the Foundation in order to get it! Remember, these donations are NOT to keep up the server (all of that money comes out of our pockets), but it will go directly to the This Star Won't Go Out Foundation started by YOU, the nerd fighters, to help out families with children that are suffering from cancer, begun in memory of Esther, one of our very own. We'd love to be able to help plenty of families this year and next with donations, so don't feel bad if you want your money to go to a good cause - we don't keep a single dollar of it for the server! (not that the server isn't a good cause. :p) VIP and it's benefits can be found out about right here at this link.

    - I'm currently working on the layout of the forums, so that is changing a bit, at least visually. There might be some additional boards added (I'm looking at you, VIP members...) and some ranking changes, as well as ribbons in the near future to denote what rank you are on a quick visual inspection. All in all, we're pretty excited about getting the last bits of setup done, so we hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave remarks about possible changes to the format that you might enjoy, but be warned - the template that we've chosen is sticking around (sorry, minimalist design lovers :p) and for the most part, the colour scheme. I'm really looking for tiny changes that might help you guys use the forums more easily, like making a link a little bigger or changing a font on some text displays.

    That concludes this week's news posts, for now at least... I'll be sending another one around this time next week! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on the Halloween event... it's going to be a good surprise. :)

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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Islid, Sep 30, 2012.

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    1. Avicennasis
      The http://nerdcrafteria.com/ domain was pointed at http://mc.nerdfighteria.com/ for a few weeks before it was re-pointed to the forums' IP address yesterday, which is why it still goes there sometimes. Once all DNS servers get updated (should be less then a week) the domain should consistently point here. ;-)
    2. Islid
      Yeah, I mentioned that in the post above, lol.
    3. Avicennasis
      Just clarifying. It's not ' directed to both pages simultaneously', technically. It's directed to the forums - just some DNS servers have out-dated records still. (Sorry, I get a little geeky at times!) :)
    4. Islid
      Oh. I was just posting here what Cory (the web guy) told me, so blame him, lol.
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