Server Contest Halloween Events 2017 Followup~

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By verykirsten on Nov 3, 2017 at 11:27 AM
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    Hello everyone~ We've counted all the candies, pumpkins, and wheat, and it's time to announce the winners of our Halloween events!

    Trick or Treating
    We actually have two winners for trick or treating: @tomsk31 and @Xieandra , who both snagged 13 treats!

    Your prizes will be placed on your plots after this thread has been posted, and both of you should have perms for the special vanity tag :D

    Harvest Competition
    The winner for most combined pumpkins and wheat goes to @AwesomelyToad , who farmed more than 5 double chests of each crop. That is astounding, and you have earned the grand prize!

    The player who farmed the most pumpkins is @Zombiedragon2001 , with more than 6 double chests. We did not have an entry with more wheat than Toad, but we have awarded the prize for most wheat to the player with the second-most - @Cat0Nine , with 1 full double chest and 14 stacks of wheat~

    Prizes will be placed on your plots, and Toad, you should have perms for the special vanity tag as well~

    Defend Nerdcrafteria Event
    Thank you to everyone who participated in this event~ We hope you guys had fun - we know we had fun spawning in all those creepers riding bats!

    Special thanks as well to @ThePotatoOne , who managed to kill over 1,000 mobs during the event! Nerdcrafteria is a safer place thanks to you, and we appreciate your help in our battle against the Titans!

    Prizes for this event are now ready, and are available for 100, 200, 300, and 400 mobs, with a special prize for players who killed 500+ mobs - a full set of the Solara Defender's Armor!

    Halloween world will be left up in Peaceful for a few days so you can explore and check your kill counts. Please modreq for your prize!

    That should be everything! Hope you guys enjoyed our Halloween events~

    -The Staff of Nerdcrafteria


Discussion in 'Server News' started by verykirsten, Nov 3, 2017.

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