Gifts and a goodbye.

Discussion in 'Trading Outpost' started by Xander_Fury, Sep 10, 2018.

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    Back before the server switched from 1.11 and it became impossible to do, I crafted a large number of bows with all six enchants, those being, Mending, Infinity, Power5, Punch2, Flame and Unbreaking3

    I have 5 left And I want to give them away before the server ends.

    I'm gonna miss y'all. In my almost six years on this server I've made a lot of friends, including my closest friend in the whole world. I've had my ups and downs, trials and tribulations, I've played obsessively and I've spent time away, but no matter what I've always come back. Because there's never been a place like this and there never will be again. I regret not a single second spent here, playing a game that embodies creativity, with amazing people that always made me feel welcome.

    It's been a trip. Goodnight sweet Nerdcrafteria and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

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    I'm not online very often, but I'll gladly take an impossible bow if I see you online. I had a lot of fun times with you on the server, especially curing zombie villagers on the old map. That giant pyramid market in mineworld with all the different kind of villagers was hilariously fun to work on. I hope I can stay in touch with you after the server closes. At the risk of violating the no server advertising rule (which might not apply any more) here is a link to the Newcrafteria Discord server, for the minecraft server a bunch of us nerdfighters are trying to create:

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