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Discussion in 'Player Grievances' started by SpenceTheChef, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. SpenceTheChef

    SpenceTheChef Potato Taster Nerdfighter

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    I suppose this isn't a grievance so much as a mild annoyance, but I was at a loss for where else to post.

    As someone returning to the server after more than 3 years away I have to say that the simple task of connecting back to Nerdcrafteria was a headache. When I finally located the link at the bottom of the webpage for "Getting Started on Nerdcrafteria", I thought that would help, but it leads to a dead link. After clicking through links to finally find the FAQ, and eventually the Joining Nerdcrafteria wiki page, I attempted to connect, only to find that the page hasn't been updated since 2017, and says the server is running on a long-since outdated client version.

    I can understand after skimming through the server news updates since I left that a whole lot has happened, but it should probably be a bit higher on the priority list to make sure the basics of how to get to Nerdcrafteria are easily located (and up to date).
  2. snailespionage

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    I want to add onto this — as someone who doesn't use discord regularly / at all I feel like I constantly miss out on changes to the server and other pieces of server news. I didn't know last November that the server had officially changed hands to the current version until about two days after the reset happened and even then didn't know what IP to use to access it; I was only able to in the end by trial and error typing the IP in. It takes far too long to find a link to the Discord server by searching the forums but regardless, since the forums are more accessible across the Internet, I feel like there should be critical server information easily available on them and that I shouldn't need to make a Discord account to keep up with server information.
  3. Stormy

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    Hi folks,

    I can speak to the Wiki as I am currently the one in charge of that monster. I am working with a few of my fellow staff members to get it updated one page at a time. That is my only priority server-wise at the moment. It's a monster that I'll admit I've been a bit scared to touch for a while now, but it is a work in progress. If you have a list of pages you'd like updated sooner on my list, please let me know in PM on here!

    In the meantime, this thread will be locked until I can respond fully.


    Senior Admin of Staff and Player Affairs
  4. PerfectFlaw

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    Hello Spence, and by extension Snail,

    Thank you both for your feedback. I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify a couple of things I see presented in your feedback in the hopes that someone else stumbling across it with the same questions might have them resolved.

    First, all of the information to join Nerdcrafteria is located on the Wiki under Joining Nerdcrafteria at the very top of the wiki homepage under Welcome & Basics. As Stormy stated, this is in the process of being updated. However, the only urgently out-of-date information on this page is the MC release we are playing on (changed at the end of October), which the server will provide for you if you attempt to log in under the wrong release edition (see screenshot). If it did not prompt you with this information, please let me know so that I can troubleshoot it for other players. I will ensure that the footer is updated as soon as we are able - it appears to have broken when we switched website hosts and we simply didn't catch it.


    This brings me to the second point, which seems to be alluded to in the first. Staff's first priority is, always, to keep the server running. In the first few months of rebuilding a server on a new release, this involves significant time/energy/etc., especially when the size of your staff shrinks dramatically at the same time. The wiki/how-to-join pages, unfortunately, do not take priority over this mission. Again as Stormy said, we are finally reaching a point where staff have time to expend on other activities - like events and updating the wiki. While I agree it would be awesome if we had time to update those things right away, we simply did not. As always, if you are ever confused by something on the website, or how to join, you can simply shoot one of us a message and we are more than happy to help you through it. We also welcome players to write an update to a wiki page if they notice something is out of date, and submit it to Stormy via forums pm for approval and posting. This saves us time and lets you fix things as you notice them going wrong!

    Third, the server has not "changed hands" in any way. The IP address ( and its ownership have remained exactly the same. All that has happened is that the server has updated to 1.13. As a result I'm a bit confused by the necessary guessing of the IP address, as that remains correct on the Joining Nerdcrafteria page. The planned update to 1.13.x was announced in our Town Hall Recap/Recording post on the Forums on October 22, 2018, prior to the map actually opening.

    Finally, all critical server updates are posted to the forums in the Server News area. Time-sensitive/limited issues (i.e. we are taking the server down RIGHT NOW because everything is on fire lol) or non-critical updates (i.e. a tag is now available or /explore for this month is now open - hooray!) are posted to Discord. Major server events and updates (i.e. a release change or player-affecting plugin change) are always posted to the forums by staff. It is in no way required to have a Discord to keep up with the server, and many of our players don't, or simply do not use their Discord account. However, it is a great tool for staying on top of time-sensitive updates like downtime and little tweaks to the gameplay. I will work with our web-designer to ensure it is easier to access from the forums.

    Thank you both for your feedback - I hope I have been able to address your concerns sufficiently. I will go ahead and leave this thread locked, but please feel free to pm me if you have any further questions/concerns, or if you notice anything else broken on the website. :)
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